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How To Dress Like Ken Bone For Halloween, Because He's America's Newest Hero

There was a very clear winner during Sunday night's debate, but it wasn't either of the presidential nominees. No, the real victor of the second presidential debate was audience member Ken Bone. During the debate, Bone asked the candidates a very in-depth question about energy policies and, in doing so, immediately won over the hearts of every one watching. So, naturally, it makes sense for people to wonder how to dress like Ken Bone for Halloween this year. Because, let's be honest, there are going to be more than enough Hillary Clintons and Donald Trumps running around.

Overnight, Bone has become a household name and for good reason. His poignant question, combined with his sunny disposition during a pretty dark and ugly debate instantly earned him internet fame. (I mean, have you seen all the Kenneth Bone memes out there? People love the guy.)

And then there is his adorable and unassuming outfit choice. Bone opted for an all-American outfit of khakis and a cable-knit sweater, which just screams "Hi, I'm a nice guy who just wants America to be great." Though, to be honest, that wasn't Bone's first outfit choice for the event. During an interview with CNN, Bone said that he originally chose an olive green suit to wear, but when he got in his car the morning of the debate he, "split the seat of his pants open." You have to love a guy who is so refreshingly honest about his wardrobe and comes with a Plan B.

Basically, Bone is the American hero we need at a time when one of the candidates is making crude comments about women and chalking it up to "locker room talk." So if you're in search of a politically savvy Halloween costume, but don't want to don a pant suit or orange face paint, here's how to dress like Ken Bone — the bright light America needs right now.


A Red Cable Knit Sweater

The piece that saved the day and made Bone an American icon, a red cable knit sweater is essential to creating your costume. This SheIn brick red sweater ($24) is perfect, and easily a piece you'll wear again.


A Pair Of Khakis

Bone kept things simple and comfortable with a pair of khakis, and you can do the same. Old Navy offers a variety of styles from mid-rise skinny khakis ($22), to mid-rise boot cut khakis ($22) to flared khakis ($22). Find a style that suits you and rock it like a pro.


Some Brown Loafers

Continue the comfortable trend, Bone opted for brown loafers to complete his look. If you want to be authentic, you can pick up a pair of brown loafers ($60) from DSW, but any pair of brown flats will do.


Simple, Sleek Frames

You can't go out as Ken Bone and forget your glasses. Obviously, if you have some prescription frames you can use those. But if you just need the accessory, you can purchase some NewBee frames ($8).


A Winning Attitude

The outfit is only half of what makes Kenneth Bone some damn amazing, In order to truly emulate the undecided voter for Halloween, you need to flash a smile and bring some humor to the party. (But not, like, the obnoxious kind of humor. More like the innocent and sweet kind.)