How To Dress Like Maui For Halloween

EDITOR'S NOTE: In light of conversations around Halloween costumes and cultural appropriation, we encourage readers to check out the arguments against dressing as Moana characters for Halloween.

If you want to dress up as Maui off the gift-from-the-gods kids' movie of the year, Moana, you're in luck. And "you're welcome," in Maui's words. Whether you're a baby, toddler, kid, or adult, there are plenty of creative ways to figure out how to dress like Maui for Halloween this October. Especially if you have a sibling or partner to dress as Moana, a Maui costume can be the perfect duo Halloween dress-up for the season.

There are a few key items that remind everyone of Maui. One of them is his tattoos. Recreating his body-art look can be a fun and interesting way to let the creative juices flow this Halloween. Next, of course, is his hook — the hook he must get back before defeating TeKa. His tooth (or shell) necklace and unforgettable curly hair are the other two pieces that set this character apart from others. If you're hoping to dress up as Maui this year, keep those details in mind.

It might also be a good idea to sing "You're Welcome" to anyone you see too, because if the costume details don't let on who you're dressed up as, that definitely will. So, for a fun, creative, and stylish Maui costume for you or your kids, here's a step-by-step guide to creating the best looks possible this Halloween.


Baby Maui Costume

A Maui costume for your baby can be as simple as finding a green knitted skirt ($9, Amazon) or a homemade leaf skirt. Throw in a wooden ping pong paddle ($2, Epic Sports) to represent the oar Maui often uses throughout the movie. Keep your baby warm in a long-sleeved onesie and some leggings.


Toddler Maui Costume

The same idea as the baby Maui will work for toddlers. A leaf skirt ($13, Halloween Costumes) and a Shell Necklace ($15, Etsy) will make an adorable Halloween costume look for your toddler Maui.


Kids' Maui Costume

Depending on your kid's age, this costume could even be a fun activity to do together. Grab some green felt material (39 cents per sheet, Michaels) and cut out leaf shapes — again, using the black fabric markers to draw leaf lines onto the material. Cut a small hole into one side of each leaf, and use string like Craft It Jute Rope ($5, Michaels) to tie the leaf shapes together into a skirt. To top off the costume with some humor, grab a rubber chicken ($17, Spirit Halloween), like the one Maui picks up in Moana.


Adult Maui Costume

For those adults dressing up as Maui this year, start with a leaf skirt like this Hula Skirt ($40, Amazon), and draw on some raised eyebrows to capture Maui's amazing facial expressions. You can also accessorize with a seashell necklace if you have one handy.

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