How To Dress Your Baby As Wonder Woman For Halloween

by Tessa Shull

This year, women from all over raved over the new Wonder Woman movie. It gave them hope, happiness, and a strong, confident woman figure to adore. The movie quickly became a sensation among moms and young girls alike. So, if you're as into this movie as I am you might be wondering how to dress your baby as Wonder Woman for Halloween. Luckily, there are a lot of fun, simple, and adorable ways to recreate the Wonder Woman costume for your little one this Halloween.

Wonder Woman is one of the most (if not the most) famous heroines of all time – in both the comic books and movies. She first emerged in 1941 and made a comeback in the 2017 Wonder Woman film, flawlessly played by actress Gal Gadot. She even filmed the role while pregnant, like many other actresses before her, which is pretty awesome in my opinion. It's an understatement to say that she's been one of the greatest inspirations and movies of the year.

It's also interesting to know that "aside from Superman and Batman, no other comic-book character has lasted as long," according to The site continued, sharing that Wonder Woman is "psychological propaganda for the new type of woman" who should probably just rule the world altogether. She's kind, smart, strong, and confident, and best of all, she really is out to save the world in the new movie. What's even more inspiring is her spirit and unwillingness to give up – despite those around her that are set in their ways.

I can't think of a better comic book heroine that I'd like my daughter to grow up watching and loving, and if you want a fun baby costume this year that makes a statement, Wonder Woman is a really good option to explore. The great thing about baby costumes is that they don't always have to be complicated, and it's not too hard to seek out some pretty good options in stores nearby or online for your baby's Halloween look.

So, if you're hoping for a fun, quick, yet stylish Wonder Woman costume for your little one this year, here's a step by step guide to recreating the heroine look this Halloween.


Modern Wonder Woman

The first thing you need for the perfect Wonder Woman costume this Halloween is an adorable Wonder Woman onesie ($15.99, Etsy) coupled with a fun, blue tutu ($12.99, Zulily). Then, you can accessorize with shoes like these gold baby moccasins ($26.99, Amazon) and gold hair accessories like these metallic star hair pins ($3.71, Children's Place) to complete the holiday look. It may also be fun to seek out baby boot options if you want your baby's costume to look even more authentic.


Star-Studded Wonder Woman

Go back to the Wonder Woman original movie with this Allywit Stars Princess Skirt ($6.88, Amazon) and plain red onesie ($8, Primary) look that highlights a look closer to Lynda Carter's outfit. You can also add in a cowl neck scarf ($11, Etsy) for some gold accessorizing on top to mimic the gold design on Wonder Woman's red top. Throw in some long gold socks if you feel like covering up your little one's toes on a cooler Halloween evening.


Caped Wonder Woman

Keep it simple this Halloween and grab a caped Wonder Woman onesie like the one pictured above ($11.24, Babies R' Us). This way your little one can enjoy the holiday in comfort, and you can spend it without any extra hassle. Plus, the cape is a great accessory to any superhero costume, especially if it keeps your little occupied playing with it. For a colder night, you can even add some yellow tights to this outfit and a red jacket to serve as a bigger and bolder cape accessory.

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