How To Watch Beyonce's 'Sorry' Music Video If You Missed 'Lemonade'

It has been two months since Beyoncé released her absolutely incredible album, Lemonade. On the same night that Beyoncé released the album, she also released it with a visual accompaniment with different videos and spoken word poetry interludes to go with each song. Lemonade (the video part) was briefly released on HBO for viewing and then was made exclusive to Tidal. But, there is a way to figure out how to watch Beyoncé "Sorry" music video — even if you missed watching Lemonade.

"Sorry" is one of the best songs off of Lemonade (in my opinion) and one of the album's best music videos. If you missed out on watching Lemonade, this is a good glimpse into how great the visual album truly is: It features some of Beyoncé's finest dancing, greatest lyrics, and sassiest parts of her attitude. Plus, it features one of the best celebrity cameos from Serena Williams — who dances her butt off and looks amazing while doing so. "Sorry" is also the song that introduced us to the legendary lyric, meme, and controversy that is "Becky with the good hair" therefore it is definitely worth checking out.

This is also a great treat for fans who don't have Tidal or have not purchased the visual album on iTunes, but still want to be a part of a part of the Lemonade experience. Although fans can't watch the visual album over and over again without buying it, they can watch the "Sorry" music video, which is now on YouTube and Vevo.

It was announced earlier last month that Beyoncé's was going to release the singles off of Lemonade her way — meaning, Beyoncé released all of the songs off of Lemonade to the radio. Therefore, at the time, there was no telling which songs off of Lemonade radio stations would choose to play (over the alternative where artists release their singles to radio stations one at a time).

"Sorry" has only charted once on the Billboard Hot 100 charts back in May where it reached the number 11 spot and stayed there for one week. But it could be possible that the release of the song's music video could result in it being played more — now that the song is more accessible to fans.

I wouldn't be mad, however, if "Sorry" started to play more on radio stations. The song not only has a great beat and serious potential to be the song of the summer. Plus, the song has a super empowering message and is my personal, go-to anthem whenever a man (or anyone else for that matter) pisses me off. With lyrics like "Middle fingers up, put them hands high/wave it in his face, tell him 'boy bye' ... I ain't thinkin' 'bout you" — the song speaks to a wide range of audience members who have been screwed over once or twice and need a place to vent.

Shout out to Beyoncé for creating one amazing song and shout out to Vevo for releasing the accompanying video for it from Lemonade. I cannot wait to watch it over and over again.