You Can Now Stream All 4 Seasons Of 'Love Island'

American television is known for its many reality competition and dating shows. But don't sleep on the UK, because Love Island is quickly becoming a hit across the world. If you don’t happen to have access to the British network ITV, however, you’re going to be asking how to watch Love Island. The good news is that all four seasons of the much-loved and dramatic series are all available on Hulu.

The bad news is that once you’ve finished watching all of them, including Season 4 which just came to an end, you’re going to have to wait another year. At the very least, Love Island fans can take comfort in knowing that there will be a fifth season at all. But as it won't air until the summer of 2019, you’ll have to use the time in between to either catch up on the seasons you may have missed or rewatch them all again.

Unlike other similar reality dating shows, Love Island is unique in its number of episodes per season. Instead of each season spanning 10 or 12 episodes, each season of Love Island seems to be longer than the last. Season 4 had 49 episodes, just to give you an idea of how intense this show can get.

Love Island is also unique in its overall format. Think Bachelor in Paradise meets Big Brother. During its first season on ITV, episodes aired from Sunday to Thursday, with a live episode on Thursdays to reveal the evicted islanders. The format changed a bit during Season 2 and production scrapped the live evictions, except for those during the season finales. As the weeks progress each season, the numbers of contestants and couples are narrowed down even further until a final vote. At the end of each season, the public gets to vote on the winning couple and they win £50,000, or the equivalent of $65,612. This is why there are so many episodes to each season, but it’s also entirely necessary to get the experience out of it.

Reality dating shows in the U.S. are known for over the top drama in a relatively controlled environment. Love Island has the drama part down, but with all of the cameras and the competitive side of it all thrown in there, things are a bit more intense. There’s also a cash prize on the line and when it comes to The Bachelor or Bachelor in Paradise, that certainly isn't the case. The prize of falling in love and maybe getting a huge free engagement ring is enough for contestants in those instances, but there is something to be said for Love Island’s format.

On ITV in the UK and on Hulu, Season 4 of Love Island just ended. But for new fans who may have not seen the previous seasons, they’re all on Hulu for your streaming pleasure. I can’t guarantee that you won’t want to stay glued to your computer or TV screen for several hours at a time, though. Much like MTV’s Ex on the Beach or, as mentioned, Big Brother, these kinds of shows are just addictive by nature. And while I’m sure that the on-hand production crew intervenes to some extent, things can get pretty unpredictable. I don’t know how much more likely couples on Love Island are to stay together over those on other reality dating shows, but with money on the line, there’s definitely a lot more at stake.