Husbands Play Poker & Grill In Target Parking Lot Waiting For Their Wives — VIDEO

Nobody likes it when their Target run is interrupted by a bored husband, and it looks like there's a cure for that. A hilarious new video of husbands hanging out in Target parking lots looks like a tailgate party that works for everyone involved. Not just the husbands themselves but also the wives who just want to wander the aisles aimlessly looking for throw blankets and candles without being asked every five seconds if they're almost finished.

Comedian Charlie Berens posted a video of some husbands who find a parking lot brotherhood at Target after languishing in their cars waiting for their wives to finish shopping. At the outset of the video, the men are all hanging out separately trying to kill the time as best they can. Or as one of the men explains, "We're not a boys' club or a social club. We're just a group of husbands collectively waiting for our wives in the Target parking lot."

Before finding each other, it was apparently more difficult. One husband thought he would get some exercise by returning carts so Target management offered him a job for whenever his wife was shopping. "Last week I clocked 12 hours," he explained. But not anymore — these husband eventually found their way to each other.

While women trying to de-stress by shopping is not a new concept, the whole idea of a "Target Mom" has really taken hold in recent years. Perhaps because it's retail therapy lots of people can afford or perhaps it's based on the idea that a person can get lost for hours in the multi-faceted department store. Either way, the wives of these men seem to have found some joy inside Target, and now they've found their own joy in the parking lot.

The husbands throw a football around, play poker sometimes, and one husband even brought a grill for making some lunch. At one point in the video, they host their own car-washing fundraiser to get a television for their group. One man admitted, "For awhile the kids were a real damper on the group" but the crafty husbands even figured out a way around that, taking 15-minute turns watching the kids in a second car and eventually adding a security system so they could continue playing poker.

Several men felt inspired by this idea. "I identify with this on a spiritual level," one commented on YouTube. Others came up with new ideas like "Do you think we could get Target to install a stocked pond at the back of the parking lot for some ice fishing?"

It does seem like a pretty great idea. These husbands are happy when their wives want to go to Target now, with one saying he actually "clips coupons" for her just so they can go back to be together. The wives are apparently happier too since they are no longer bickering about spending hours in Target. Why didn't someone think of this earlier?