If You Miss A Prenatal Vitamin, Should You Take Two? An Expert Weighs In


Keeping up with all the dos and don’ts of pregnancy can be challenging, especially when it comes to taking vitamins. Doctors recommend taking one prenatal vitamin daily to ensure you and your baby are getting the proper nutritional support needed, but it’s not always easy to remember to take them every day. If you miss a prenatal vitamin, should you take two?

Romper asked Bineesh Moyeed, PharmD from Chicago, who says that doubling up on your dose of prenatals is not recommended. “If a pregnant mom misses her prenatal vitamins for a day or two, she should take one when she remembers, but should not take two," she says.

Why should you avoid doubling your dose? Although it won’t do much harm if you do it once or twice, Moyeed suggests not making it a habit because taking two vitamins at a time could do a number on your gut. “An extra dose of a prenatal vitamin can cause nausea, constipation, or an upset stomach.” With all the nausea and constipation pregnancy already offers, why make it worse, right?

It’s important to keep on track with your prenatals so your baby gets the vitamins it needs to stay healthy. “It’s not a big deal if you miss a day or two, but if you’re missing multiple days, it means your baby is not getting the folic acid they need," Moyeed warns. According to the American Pregnancy Association (APA), folic acid makes the extra blood your body needs during pregnancy and helps prevent neural tube defects. The APA explained that the other nutrients found in prenatal vitamins, like iron and calcium, are crucial in supporting your baby’s proper growth and development.

Because life can get hectic, it’s understandable that you’ll miss a dose once in awhile. If you’ve been forgetting to take them more than you should, you can easily set an alarm on your phone as a daily reminder — pregnancy brain starts early. Just try to do the best you can to stay on track, and if you miss one, take it when you remember.