This Podcast Wants To Hear Your Family's Unexplained Ghost Stories

There is a running joke between my friend and I about her son talking to ghosts. It all started because he once turned on his loudest firetruck toy and left it in the other room, then walked around calling it the "ghost firetruck." Maybe he was leaving the toy for a ghost to play with, maybe he wasn't... but we laughed about it to avoid thinking about how creepy the moment actually was.

Listen, if you believe in that kind of thing, it's entirely possible to also believe that small children (like animals) have that sort of sixth sense for the paranormal. So, if your kid is talking to ghosts, you might want to contact this new podcast ASAP with your story.

Payne Lindsey, the co-founder of Tenderfoot TV, wants to hear you and your family's terrifying, unexplained stories. Whether it's your little one leaving out toys for their supernatural imaginary friends to play with, or you walking into a drastically cold nursery to see a figure looming over your baby's crib, you should consider sharing your story.

Here is exactly what they are looking for:

Payne is looking for your scariest story for potential inclusion in an upcoming podcast. Think paranormal, unsolved, unexplained — really anything that makes your skin crawl. If you have a story that you think may be a good fit, you can email it to yourscarystory@gmail.com. Anyone whose story is chosen to highlight on the podcast will be compensated.

For those of you unfamiliar with Lindsey and/or Tenderfoot TV, they are the brilliant minds behind true crime podcasts Up and Vanished, To Live and Die In L.A., and the latest addition to their library, Culpable. In fact, Up and Vanished was given a TV special focusing on its Season 1 story, the Tara Grinstead case. Many believe that Up and Vanished played a crucial part in solving Grinstead's murder, because while Lindsey and his team were investigating her case a man, Ryan Duke, came forward to confess to her murder.

In addition to seeking out your creepiest unexplained stories, the Tenderfoot TV team has launched yet another podcast. Monster Presents: Insomniac will release it's first full episode on June 27, and focuses on host Scott Benjamin and the surreal effects investigating serial killers had on him. As someone who listens to a lot of true crime podcasts (maybe even too many), I am genuinely surprised it has taken so long for this kind of story to be told.

After you share your scary stories via email, there are several true crime audiobooks you can download immediately. These will quench your true crime obsession's thirst while your kids are at school, on a playdate, or, even better, sound asleep. But maybe leave the lights on and double check that your windows and doors are secure, just for that extra peace of mind.

I find myself doing that a little too often while listening to or watching anything crime related, including those endless Law & Order reruns.