IHOP’s New Grinch Pancakes Are So Festive & Come With An Amazing Perk For Kids

There are few things that make a parent's life easier than having an entire themed day of fun organized for them. Like taking your kids to see a movie you know they'll love and then a quick bite to eat. It's basically a perfect day for everyone; you don't have to cook and you can all just chill out together for a bit. This day works especially well if the movie and the food are somehow cohesive; it's just more exciting. Which is why IHOP's Grinch-inspired pancakes are going to be the perfect complement to watching the new animated movie The Grinch. And these pancakes aren't just colorful and fun, they actually come with a pretty cook perk for kids.

IHOP launched a limited Grinch-theme menu on Monday that will be carried through to the end of the year to celebrate The Grinch, which will be in theaters as of Nov. 9. And it looks utterly adorably, so definitely go see it. The new menu is full of all that particular green we all probably associate with the beloved Dr. Seuss character who hates Christmas until he steals it and then (spoiler alert) realizes it's awesome. For instance, the Grinch's green buttermilk pancakes are not only green, but also covered in sweet cream cheese icing, red candy hearts, and green whipped topping.

Every Who down in Whoville will definitely be eating these before they sing around the tree.

There's more to the amazing menu, of course. My particular favorite is the Minty Who Hot Chocolate because I can't get enough mint chocolate in my life no matter how hard I try. This is hot chocolate with mint syrup topped with green whipped cream and some red candy hearts.

Kids can get a Young Grinch Minty Who Hot Chocolate, which is the same but smaller.


So here's the trouble with ordering a huge stack of pancakes in my humble opinion; too much of one flavor. Fortunately the good people at IHOP considered this and came up with an adorable combo for kids called the Mt. Crumpit Kids' Combo, which features "one buttermilk pancake with a hint of green topped with sweet cream cheese icing and red candy hearts and creamy green whipped topping. Includes 1 scrambled egg, 1 bacon strip and 1 pork sausage link," according to the IHOP menu.


I know it can get a little expensive taking the kids out for pancakes with a side of movie, and apparently so does IHOP. Which is why they're offering parents a delicious deal: If parents order an adult entree between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. during this special Grinch promotion, which lasts through December, their kids, 12 and under, can get a kids meal for free, according to Delish.

And you know free food almost always tastes better, right?

Now if you're worried that you won't enjoy anything on the adult menu, there are a few options like Who-Ville Holiday Cheesecake French Toast and the Who-Roast Beast Omelette to satisfy a more refined palate.

So why not take a decadent day of treating yourself and your family to a little Grinch-themed magic?