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Illuminati-Related Names For Beyoncé's Twins

So big news around the internet water cooler; Beyoncé is expecting twins and we couldn't possibly be more excited. Seriously, I actually don't think it's physically possible. Queen Bey dropped the mic on the first day of Black History Month with an epic pregnancy photo on Instagram. Naturally, the world has stopped turning as we all collectively mull over the implications. And consider names... obviously, we want to help her out with names. Just for old-times sake, we were thinking of some Illuminati-related names for Beyoncé's twins. Not because we are buying into the hype or anything. No, we're just taking all things into consideration.

After all, naming twins can be tricky. You don't want to be too cutesy, or rhyming, but they need to sort of blend well. They need a good flow, and they need to stick around forever. So no pressure. And let's face it; the internet really loves a good Beyoncé Illuminati conspiracy. There are actual people out there who believe that Beyoncé is a reptilian shape-shifter delivered from the moon who has come to rule over as at the top of the pyramid of power. Oh, and also that she and husband Jay Z are members of the ancient order of Illuminati, a group dedicated to science that supposedly died out in the late 18th century but has now somehow become a hotbed for reptilians and clones. And Queen Bey is... well, she's there queen, I guess.

What sort of Illuminati-related names should Beyoncé consider? She has already used her first baby's name, apparently. According to The Fader, some Illuminati theorists believe that Blue Ivy is an acronym for Born Living Under Evil, Illuminati's Very Youngest. So... there's that.

If the twins are two girls, perhaps Beyoncé could consider naming them Becky and Beyoncé. The Illuminati believers have decided that Queen Bey cloned herself and that "Becky with the good hair" is actually... her. There is a Bey Prime and reportedly several Beta Beys. To be fair, she does have really good hair.

Or Queen Bey could pay homage to some other famous rumored members of the Illuminati and name her twins Angelina and Rihanna (as in Angelina Jolie and... well, Rihanna). They've both been tapped as probable Illuminati, though no word on whether or not they've been cloned.

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Something tells me Queen Bey is going to want to dig deeper for her names than current celebrity. Perhaps take a look at the long history of the Illuminati. She could consider a name like Rothschild, after the famous Illuminati family, or go back even further to the Knights Templar. Knight? Templar? They sound cool as names.

The Illuminati symbol of the eye comes from the Egyptian pyramids, so maybe she would want to look at some Egyptian names. Names like Skylar or even Lapis (which is a beautiful blue stone, so that would flow well with Blue Ivy), or Auset, the female goddess... any of those names seem as though they are befitting a queen. Or the leader of the Illuminati. Whichever.