Alex Might Be Single After 'Siesta Key' & It Could Be The Best Thing For Him

Season 2 of Siesta Key has been the season of Alex’s exes. To be fair, half of the cast is made up of his ex-girlfriends anyway, so that’s no big shocker. But his relationship with Juliette hasn't been easy and because things are so rocky for them on the show, viewers might be wondering if Alex is single after Siesta Key. If he is, you could say that his chickens have come home to roost because Juliette must be sick of his past girlfriends popping up out of the blue to spill tea and create more drama whether they mean to or not. And the way things are going with Juliette on Siesta Key right now, I wouldn't be surprised if they broke up by the end of Season 2.

It seems like any time Alex and Juliette take one step forward, they take two steps back. Often it’s because another one of Alex’s ex-girlfriends shows up or they pick a petty argument with each other over something else. The way things are going this season, it seems to be a never ending loop of the same behavior and that can be exhausting for any relationship. The fact that they have the added pressure of being on camera during it all probably makes it much worse. Although Alex hasn't come out since filming ended to say that he and Juliette broke up, given their history, it’s possible that he’s single right now.

Alex and Juliette seemed to be going strong at the beginning of the season, but it didn't take long for old issues to come bubbling to the surface. Fans on Twitter have accused Alex of treating Juliette poorly while others have claimed that Juliette wouldn't have tried to be with Alex so many times if it wasn't for his family’s money. The only thing fans seem to agree on, however, is that the couple might be better off broken up. Although it’s unclear if they are indeed broken up now, after Siesta Key, Alex doesn't seem to be dating anyone else either.

To be honest, Alex almost seems like he would rather be single anyway. On Instagram, he no longer follows Juliette and their most recent picture together is from May 2018. He could have wiped more recent photos from his feed if they recently broke up outside of the show or if they prefer to keep fans guessing, but it definitely seems like he’s single now.

Alex’s Instagram has been full of group photos with all of his guy friends lately more than anything else. To be fair, Juliette has been doing the same thing with her close friends, so maybe it’s a case of trying to make the other one jealous. They have had so many ups and downs, though, that it wouldn't be surprising if they break up by the end of the season.

Unfortunately, Siesta Key Season 2 hasn't caught up with real life yet, so everything happening this season already happened last summer. It can be a little confusing, but this just means that viewers haven't seen everything play out between Alex and Juliette yet. So for all we know, they could part amicably by the season finale. If there’s a Season 3, Alex could show up with a totally new girlfriend fans haven't even seen yet. That could be another reason why Alex’s Instagram is full of different "bro" outings. He might be seeing someone secretly who will make her Siesta Key debut if there is a third season.

Of course that’s all speculation right now, especially since neither Alex or Juliette have said that they are broken up. But if history repeats itself yet again, something tells me they will find their way back to each other if Siesta Key is picked up for Season 3.