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Becca's Love Life After 'The Bachelor' Could Be Complicated

Even if you’re as torn as Arie Luyendyk Jr. seems to be regarding the final two women of The Bachelor this season, Becca Kufrin and Lauren Burnham, the hard truth is that he has to pick just one of them. And since at this point it could really go either way, you have to wonder about their respective relationship statuses after the show. So, is Becca single after The Bachelor? There are definitely some important relationships in her life right now, but none of them appear to be romantic. If she’s romantically involved with Arie, as in engaged to him, she certainly hasn't said so via social media, but that’s typical at this point in the season anyway, since The Bachelor finale has yet to air.

As far as Becca’s Instagram is concerned, though, the important relationships in her life right now (that she’s allowed to talk about anyway, assuming she could be engaged to Arie) are the ones with her close friends from back home and the friends she made while on The Bachelor. Among the many photos from the show and behind the scenes that she has posted on Instagram, Becca also has some photos with friends she had long before she became one of Arie’s final two contestants.

She even took a trip to Las Vegas with a close guy friend back in January and wrote under the picture, "'He’s not my boyfriend,' — me every time I post a photo with a guy. Meet Jeremy. He’s 26, a publicist, looking for a guy 6'1" with facial hair, tattoos and a dog (preferably for me to snuggle with when he’s out on dates)." So even if Becca is single after The Bachelor, she’s still been plenty busy traveling and spending time with the friends who are closest to her.

Speaking of which, she also seems to have a close relationship with Caroline Lunny from Arie’s season of The Bachelor. In fact, the fellow former contestant called Becca one of her "sisters" under a photo of them pictured with Tia Booth, who also competed for Arie’s love and roses this season. Even though Becca’s Instagram does have several behind the scenes photos from her dates with Arie this season, there seem to be even more with her and the other women from the show, who are clearly important to her even now that filming has ended. That being said, it doesn’t seem like Becca is in a relationship right now, but if she is single, she’d make a pretty good candidate for the next Bachelorette.

If Becca and Arie aren’t engaged, then she’s probably been single for several months now, making her more than available for the role, even if she did endure heartbreak on The Bachelor this season. But out of all of the people who seem to be an important part of her life right now, there doesn't seem to be anyone who has a romantic link to her. Either she and Arie are secretly together but, understandably, her social media presence can’t reflect that just yet, or Becca walked away from the show with a broken heart and has been trying to get back to her life since filming ended, sans a boyfriend of any kind.

One thing you can be sure of, though, is that she definitely did not take back her ex, Ross Jirgl, once she returned home. In a tweet after The Bachelor episode aired in which Jirgl came to Peru to try to win her back, Becca wrote, "I stand by my decision to not accept an unhealthy relationship back in my life. I will never doubt or question that." That could mean Becca has chosen to stay single for a while, and whether or not she’s announced as the next Bachelorette, that’s totally her choice.

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