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The Black Hood May Be Right Under Betty's Nose On 'Riverdale'

by Chrissy Bobic

On a show where almost everyone is a suspect at any given time, it’s no wonder that the suspicion has been drawn toward some of the core cast members of Riverdale for the latest crimes. Thankfully, I’m not talking about our beloved Juggy or Veronica, but instead Betty’s dad, Hal Cooper, who isn’t exactly integral to the show at the moment. But when it comes down to it, is Betty’s dad the Black Hood on Riverdale? This theory about Hal having something to do with the murders isn’t all that hard to believe, especially when you think about the claims that the Black Hood is really doing everything with Betty in mind and, in his words, for her.

According to the letter and phone calls that Betty has received, the Black Hood is someone close to her and if unmasked, she’d recognize the person under the hood. When she was instructed to put on the hood herself and look in the mirror — for the purpose of showing her that she and the Black Hood are the same, — it made some fans wonder if the Black Hood meant for her to see herself (or her eyes, which are similar to her dad’s), as those behind the mask. Of course, the idea that Betty’s dad is the Black Hood was floating around even before that stressful and intense scene, but the pieces are starting to come together fast, and Hal does have something of a motive right now.

If the Black Hood’s goal is to cleanse Riverdale, it would make sense that Hal would be behind that idea. He didn’t support Alice’s need to keep their illegitimate child, who she gave up for adoption at birth, and it was also Hal who insisted on sending Polly away when she was pregnant. Granted, he’s never been one to be a huge crusader like his wife, but from behind the scenes, he could have been watching all of the sin and crimes of Riverdale, plotting when to take matters into his own hands.

Some of the big indicators that Betty’s dad is the Black Hood go back to the latest clues he’s left her. Hal was at the jubilee, where the Black Hood said he watched Betty recite her speech and she inspired him. He’s also a middle-aged man with green eyes, two identifying factors that were established early on, even if they aren’t concrete characteristics just yet. Hal would also know about Betty’s love for Nancy Drew books, which would explain how the Black Hood would know to send her that type of cipher.

Toward the end of Season 1, Hal seemed to detached himself from the rest of the Cooper family, and at one point Alice straight up kicked him out, so in those days and weeks where he was away from the rest of the family, it’s possible that Hal began his plan to make things better in Riverdale through any means necessary. Right off the bat, he doesn't strike me as a killer, but if Season 1 was about Cheryl’s dad being the murderer, Season 2 could be following in its footsteps with Hal, who also has Blossom blood, to be the Black Hood.

Since Betty is clearly at the center of whoever the Black Hood is, there’s no doubt that he’s linked to her in some way, so having him be her father makes total sense. Whether you want to believe it or not, the theory definitely has some merit to it.

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