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Bonnie's Baby On 'HTGAWM' Could Still Be Alive

Bonnie has had a tragic life on How to Get Away with Murder. She spent the better part of it chasing approval from Annalise, only to be rejected before being let back into the inner circle. And before that, she was raped by her father and other men repeatedly as a child. When one of the assaults resulted in a pregnancy, she was told the baby was stillborn. But since there was no proof at the time, some fans wonder if Bonnie's baby is still alive on HTGAWM?

It’s more possible than ever, especially after a mysterious law student showed up at the end of Season 4, prompting Frank to call someone about the boy's arrival. In one of the lasts scenes, Frank saw a student named Gabriel Maddox at Middleton University and told someone on the phone, "Looks like the good time didn't last long. Her kid’s here." The "her" he was referring to sent fans down the rabbit hole of HTGAWM theories. While some fans on Twitter thought it could mean that Gabriel is Annaliese’s son, though he died at birth, others were sure it meant that Bonnie’s son is the one who never actually died. And I'm inclined to believe the latter.

The Season 4 finale also showed Nate looking over some documents in a file marked with Bonnie’s name. In the file were underlined or circled phrases like "exact DNA match" and "child alive?" If that wasn’t the most blatant show of audience hand holding, then I don't know what is. There is the chance that it could have all been a red herring and Frank was referring to someone else being Gabriel’s mom, but the pieces seem to line up to this kid being Bonnie’s son. He’s also the appropriate age if she did give birth at 15 and he’s now around 22 or so. It would be the perfect time to shake things up and, as Frank said, bring a swift end to the moment of calm they all finally had.

HTGAWM creator Pete Nowalk told The Hollywood Reporter that Frank could have been referring to anyone and that it won't be revealed right away who he was talking to on the phone. "We really like to play with the pronouns here," Nowalk said. "Obviously, Gabriel has a mother, and Frank knows of that mother or knows the mother. So that is a huge mystery, and we're going to be giving hints about it all next season." He also said that before the mystery of Gabriel’s past is revealed, viewers will get to know him a little better first.

Bonnie’s childhood of sexual abuse culminated with her pregnancy, after which the abuse stopped. But during labor, she passed out and when she woke up, her father told her she’d lost the baby. But since it was never really clear which of Bonnie’s rapists had impregnated her, it’s possible that Gabriel could be her son and that her father had him adopted or put into foster care, unbeknownst to Bonnie.

It wouldn't be HTGAWM if Season 4 didn't end with a few cliffhangers for fans to stew over and the mystery of Bonnie’s son is one of them. Not much is given away in the Season 5 trailer, but there does seem to be yet another murder night and Gabriel may be in the thick of it with the rest of them. At the very least, he is part of Annalise’s new class and he’s shown giving an emotional monologue about murderers. Could it be because he knows something about his birth mom being a murderer herself? Only time will tell.