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Is Bronte Married On ‘Big Brother 18’? The Wifey Spy Nickname Has Viewers Confused

It should really come as no surprise that there are already several alliances forming on Big Brother just one week into its new season. It should also not surprise anyone that one of those alliances happens to be of the cringe-worthy name variety. The Spy Girls consists of Bronte (Wifey Spy), Natalie (Flirty Spy), and Bridgette (Spunky Spy), but the origin of Bronte's spy name is leaving fans confused. Is Bronte married on Big Brother 18? Her nickname in the Spy Girls alliance seems to have come out of thin air. She's not stereotypically domestic, that we've seen so far, and no, Bronte is not married on Big Brother. Her Spy Girls name was created so she could come up with this wild persona that she had too much fun explaining in the diary room.

Basically, Bronte is Wifey Spy because she'll apparently make you feel like she's on your side and keep you happy, but she'll always looking at the $500,000. The other big theme in their alliance (other than the nicknames) was their agreed vision of "girl power". I don't know how much Bronte is going to stick to this motto of her newest alliance while she's trash talking Nicole to Paul on the Big Brother live feeds, but time will tell what the Spy Girls can accomplish.

But maybe part of Bronte's Wifey Spy persona is already playing out, as she lounges around with Paul and gets closer to him. Maybe this is a part of some big master plan that she's studied the statistics of in her head a million times over and it will all be for the good of her alliance in the end? Or, you know, maybe the Spy Girls is just a fun distraction for Bronte and the persona of Wifey Spy was just an easy nickname.

The Twitter subculture of Big Brother is just as confused as anyone about where Bronte's nickname comes from and why she was so quick to agree to it. Although it would be nothing short of amazing to find out that she's secretly married, Bronte is single on Big Brother and has actually said that showmances are not on her docket while she's in the house. Of course, that was before she met Paul, who seems to find the combination of her math skills and good looks to be the whole package, but again I say, let's give Wifey Spy a chance here.

If you had to ask "Is Bronte married on Big Brother?" you're totally not alone on that one. But the girl is just all about agreeing to build alliances. She doesn't have to love everyone (i.e. poor Nicole) and she doesn't have to not get involved with anyone, but the whole point of the Spy Girls is to work together for each other and for girl power, isn't it?

Bronte has said that showmances will make you weak, unless you play them out right, so if she can stay true to her Wifey Spy plan and just pretend to be all about that showmance life, then she'll actually be alright.