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Charo May Not Leave 'DWTS' Entirely Behind

Now that the dust has settled and Vegas Night is done, fans are probably wondering what’s next for the cuchi-cuchi dancer with almost too much energy and asking themselves: is Charo watching Dancing With the Stars? The experienced performer has seemed to always support the other dancers on the show and when Chris Kattan was voted off, she even said that she wanted to put herself up in his place so he could stay on the show beyond Week 2.

Obviously that didn’t happen, but instead Charo was eliminated during Week 3 of DWTS. In a post-show interview with E! News, Charo talked about not only enjoying her experience on the show, but appreciating the chance she got. "I made a beautiful friend and I got connected with Keo," she said. "This is not a job, this is an incredible experience and I recommend this to everybody." So will she be watching, now that she’s no longer part of the show? Since she hasn't officially announced what project she’s taking on next, she could very well be in the audience in the near future to cheer on the remaining dancers.

But even if she can’t, she’s probably going to be cheering them on by at least watching the show. Early on this season, there were rumors of Charo quitting DWTS due to her feud (however fake it may have actually been) with Bruno, but she never had anything bad to say about her fellow dancers. Instead, she had nothing but kind words for one of them when she just missed being eliminated herself during Week 2.

Eric McCandless/ABC

At the time, Charo told E! News that even though she was able to stay on, she felt bad that Chris Kattan had been sent home. "It got to my heart," she said. "He tried very hard and he's so beautiful." Since Charo was eliminated the following week, she never got the chance to praise any of her other fellow dancers, and except for the way Bruno seemed to rile her up each episode, Charo seems like she was totally supportive of everyone else she was competing with.

At the very least, you have to assume that Charo will be keeping up with DWTS in order to follow Bruno and talk about how fair or unfair he is in the future scoring portions of the show. It's no big secret that she and the judge had their own rivalry thing going on and whether that was all for the entertainment value of the show or not, she’ll probably keep that going by keeping tabs on the judge despite the fact that she’s no longer part of the competition.