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Cyrus May Be Getting Played On 'Scandal'

There might not be an official accusation brought against Cyrus just yet, but right now Olivia and her gladiators, as well as Fitz, have strong suspicions that he had a lot more to do with the death of Frankie Vargas than he lets on. Basically, they think he's guilty of orchestrating the assassination, but it's entirely possible that Cyrus is being framed on Scandal, since it's a show full of surprising twists and, well, scandal, each week.

Granted, it is pretty incriminating when an employee calls the FBI tip line and marks you as Vargas' killer. Then, of course, there's the secret video footage of him arguing with Vargas to take into considering as well. So is it really even a question of his guilt anymore? With just two episodes down for Season 6 so far, it's probably way too soon to reveal everything just yet. And if Cyrus really did do it, there's going to be a lot more to the story than what viewers see right now.

Sure, he seemingly had everything to gain from Vargas being assassinated right after the poll results came in, naming him the next President of the United States. But if Cyrus really was the mastermind behind it all, wouldn't it have made more sense for him to have Vargas killed after he was officially sworn in, thus ensuring Cyrus his spot no matter what? There is obviously a lot more to what happened than anyone knows yet, so let's take a look at each side of the coin.

He Was Totally Framed

If Cyrus is really and truly innocent of the crimes he's being accused of via Olivia Pope herself, then someone is definitely framing him to make it look like he did it. But who? Olivia initially went to her dad to ask if he had anything to do with Vargas' death. Of course he denied it, but wasn't it Papa Pope who got it into Olivia's head that it could have been Cyrus?

Rowan wanted Jake in the White House, but when Mellie lost, so did Jake. And if Jake lost, then so did Rowan. It's totally possible that he orchestrated the entire Vargas plot in order to not only take down the next president but, in turn, take down his possible predecessor.

He's The Actual Mastermind

Although at a glance, it seems way too easy to pin the entire thing on Cyrus, the crime also reeks of him and all of the bad deeds he's become known for. This is also the guy who treated his husband poorly, whether that involved cheating on him or using him as a prop for political gain. Oh yeah and remember the time Cyrus was behind the big election rigging? Yeah, he's not really a good guy, like at all. So even though it seems almost too simple, maybe Cyrus isn't being framed this time around.

When it's all said and done though, anything is possible at this point. Cyrus has the kind of temper to make you feel super uncomfortable after one of his outbursts, so honestly, he could totally be the one to blame. But there is still plenty of time for more secret surveillance videos and crime tips to reveal more information and get to the bottom of this once and for all.