Eric McCandless/ABC

'Scandal' Fans Will Soon Know Huck's Fate

by Chrissy Bobic

They were arguably the three (or four? or five?) shots heard around the world when Huck’s new girlfriend went all spy girl on him and pumped his chest full of enough bullets to leave him bleeding out all over the nice hotel room floor. But the carpet stains aside, what does this mean for Huck? And is Guillermo Diaz leaving Scandal? Luckily, fans won’t have to wait too long to find out, because according to Diaz himself, all will be revealed in Thursday’s episode "A Stomach for Blood."

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Diaz said that although the storyline of Huck getting shot and left for dead was totally dramatic and juicy, “there's always those little twists and turns. So don't believe everything you see and hear.” This could potentially put a lot of Huck fans’ worries to rest because the things that they saw and heard were nothing short of devastating. As if Meg taking out her pistol and offing Jennifer Fields (for good this time) wasn't enough, the fact that she then took aim at poor Huck was enough to send viewers into a full-blown panic mode.

I don’t know if anyone really believes that Huck will die on Scandal, but even on the off chance that he does, it definitely was an unexpected twist. But I seriously doubt that will be the case. Shonda Rhimes may have gotten rid of Harrison unexpectedly, but she knows better than to mess with Huck. People love him far too much. Right?!

The biggest tell for any avid TV-watcher though is the fact that Meg didn’t aim any of the shots at his head or even anywhere near his heart. So Huck may be down for the count for right now, but I have a feeling Diaz isn’t going anywhere. Aside from the fact that Huck’s life hangs in the balance on Scandal, the even bigger shocker (possibly bigger, or maybe tied) was that Abby was behind the whole thing.

Granted, she hasn't been a member of OPA for a long time, but I don’t think I ever imagined that she’d turn on her former friends so fiercely. When Meg met with Abby at the end of "A Traitor Among Us," Abby seemed so cold about the whole thing. In fact, she was even the one to order the hit on Huck without seeming to bat an eye. So if/when Huck survives, fans will be able to forgive Shonda, but will anyone ever forgive Abby? She definitely can’t come back from this. Huck, on the other hand, will more than likely pull though.

But it kind of makes you miss the old days, like when Abby caught Huck and Quinn having sex in the conference room of OPA. How in the world did we get here?