Here's What's Up With The Jason Duggar & Lauren Caldwell Dating Rumors

Amid all of the pregnancy news in Duggarland, a rumor surfaced that Jason Duggar is dating Kendra Caldwell's sister, Lauren Caldwell. So, what's up with this interesting piece of gossip? Counting On fans want to get to the bottom of this story.

Within the past few months, four Duggars announced pregnancies. At the time of this writing (you never know what could happen tomorrow), Anna Duggar, Joy-Anna Duggar, Jessa Duggar, and Kendra Duggar are all expecting a baby. Jessa is due in June, Kendra in October, and Anna and Joy will welcome their children in November. Phew, it's going to be a busy few months.

But just when you thought life at at chateau Duggar couldn't get any more wild, there's a rumor floating around that Jason is dating — or as the Duggars prefer to call it, "courting" — to Kendra Caldwell's younger sister, Lauren. Say what now?

Here's the deal: The two were spotted together on a "mission trip" to Greece back in February, with multiple photos of the two surfacing online.

One fan supposedly met Jason during this time, and uploaded a fan photo of them to her Facebook page. When someone asked the fan if they had met Jason, they replied: “He was over here with a group for a week. I was out and about with them most of the time! His future bride was also here … good vibes between them! I have been invited over to their ranch …”

Hold the phone — does this confirm their romance? Well, not quite.

First and foremost, Jason and Lauren first have to confirm whether they're in a relationship or not. Not to mention, it's typical for the Duggars to announce a courtship before the engagement. Is it realistically possible that Jim Bob Duggar willingly missed out on an exclusive and splashy tabloid reveal? Probs not.

I will bet my money on, however, that something is brewing between the two. The supposed couple, for instance, both appeared in photographs shared by Anna in November 2018.

It's also worth pointing out that the Caldwell and Duggar families are close, and that the suspected lovebirds are a month apart in age. Translation: This seems like a match made in Duggar heaven.

If the rumor is true, it could get a little confusing over in Arkansas. For starters, there's already one Lauren Duggar, aka Lauren Swanson, who married Josiah Duggar in June 2018.

One fan pointed out Lauren (Caldwell) and Kendra's kids would be double cousins, a term I have never heard before in my life up until this day. Essentially, double cousins happens when "two siblings of one family have children with two siblings of another family," according to Famicity. Lordy.

Either way, fans aren't too surprised about the gossip.

"Lauren Caldwell has been rumored to be matched to and courting one of the Duggar lost boys (either Jed/Jer or Jason) ever since Kendra married and Lauren C started hanging round them a lot," one person wrote on Reddit. "No kidding, she's been seen with a lot of the Duggars since the past year or 2."

Someone else said: "I’m guessing we will get a courtship announcement from him sometime in the next 3-6 months. They need a courtship."

Of course, Lauren and Jason could just be friends. Only time will tell.