Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Liz's Post-'Bachelor' Love Life Is A Mystery

Shooting wrapped for The Bachelor a while ago and now that Season 21 has officially started, speculation on the winner is well underway. One of the already notable contestants, Liz, who already knew Nick coming into the show, is probably someone fans are equally hesitant and equally excited to get to know. But is Liz from The Bachelor single? She might have a history with the actual Bachelor, but that doesn't necessarily mean that she'll make it all the way to the end, which means she could very well be back on the market.

Apart from being a doula, Liz is also a lifestyle coach and a travel blogger who donates a certain amount of her time to work in Africa, so it's also a matter of figuring out if she even has the time to be mixed up with a boyfriend at the moment. When she met Nick at Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert's wedding in 2016, she and Nick had a night of fun together, after which she declined his number and they both went their separate ways. Maybe it was because she wasn't into him enough, as he was already a Bachelor Nation staple at that point, or maybe it was also in part because Liz has a busy life that doesn't necessarily allow for a boyfriend. So if Nick doesn't pick her on The Bachelor, then Liz is very likely single.

On Liz's social media pages, there is very little in the way of romance. In fact, it seems like Liz's only partners right now are any of the friends she embarks on her travels with. She calls herself a travel blogger, among many other creative trades, and also volunteers with humanitarian organization Project Future Light and has been to both Thailand and Africa for volunteer work. So does Liz even have time for a boyfriend? While it would be great to think/hope/pray that the reason there doesn't seem to be a romantic interest in her life is because she's secretly with Nick now, it's still way too early to tell.

The Bachelor Season 21 has only just started and as it stands, Liz has gotten off to a rocky start with Nick, who seemed curious to see her, and then annoyed, but not exactly happy yet. There's still time for Liz to win him over though, despite the very real competition of other contestants like Corinne, who seems intent on doing almost anything to win the affection of the Bachelor.

But if Liz is single now, the Bachelor contestant is likely happy to be that way, as she continues her life of traveling without a romantic relationship to tie her down anywhere.