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Here's What Publix's Christmas Hours Look Like, You Know, Just In Case

Kids today may find it hard to believe, but there was a time when it was the norm for most stores to close on Sundays. Even after that rule went by the wayside, shops still shuttered for Thanksgiving and other major holidays. Today, it's anyone's guess which stores will be open after Santa makes his rounds. So folks who typically dash to their favorite supermarket at the last minute might be wondering: Is Publix open on Christmas Day this year?

Brace yourselves, procrastinators. If you're an OMG-I-forgot-the-butter-and-orange-juice type, you'd better either double-check your shopping list on December 24 or have a Plan B handy. According to Holiday Shopping Hours, all major grocery stores are closed on Christmas. But since it always pays to go to the source, I double-checked with a store rep via the official Publix Twitter customer service account. She replied promptly (way to go, Publix!) and confirmed that all Publix stores will be closed all day on the 25th.

How about Christmas Eve, for us almost-last-minute folks? There's better news here: Publix stores will be open until 7 p.m. on December 24, which gives us plenty of time to pick up those cookie ingredients, breakfast fixings, and stocking stuffers.

Now that you've been alerted to its closed-on-Christmas policy, you can start planning to pick up some items from Publix now (if you're lucky enough to live close to one) for your holiday gifting and entertaining. The deli department alone has everything you could possibly want for a party gathering of any sort, from a large variety of ring-shaped sandwiches to hot and cold fried chicken platters and even kid-friendly roll-ups featuring familiar ingredients such as PB&J and honey with banana. (If you've ever had a child wrinkle up their nose and pull out meats and cheeses from a sub sandwich, you'll appreciate this option even more.)

Looking for a last minute hostess gift? Publix has an impressive variety of drinks to please every palate (assuming your state allows grocery stores to stock and sell alcohol), from wine to beer, and even liquors. (For me and other residents of N.Y.C., where you can't buy wine and liquor in supermarkets, this is simply mind-boggling.) Just slap on a bow or gift tag, and you're all set.

You'll definitely need to shop before Christmas for a gift for your kids' teachers, if you don't want to go the gift-card route. But you don't need to run to the mall, as long as you have a Publix store nearby. Their floral department sells pretty potted peace lilies (no need for your teacher to find a vase), or you could put together a little gift bag of bath goods, such as a patchouli-orange goat's milk bar of soap and a shea sugar scrub in Hawaiian kukui (otherwise known as the candlenut tree).

I haven't even mentioned their bakery yet. Show up at any holiday gathering with Publix's Chocolate Ganache Supreme Cake (or any of their pastry offerings, for that matter), and you'll be the MVP of the night.

Publix really is your one-stop location for your holiday parties and family gatherings, as well as your everyday groceries. If you live in one of the states where the chain currently has locations, then make your list now of specialty items you'll need for gifts, parties, and your own holiday dinners. Just make sure you buy everything before 7 p.m. on Christmas Eve.

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