Here Are The Christmas Day Hours For Publix, In Case You Forgot Bread & Milk

Some people prepare for the holidays the day after Halloween. And if they’re celebrating Christmas, they’ve had their Christmas decorations up and shining since Nov. 1, have pre-planned special menus for holiday parties leading up to Christmas, and of course have planned for their special holiday menus for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. And other people? Well, they realize they don’t have any food in their house — much less special dinners and brunch food items — on Christmas day. “Is Publix open on Christmas day,” they’ll be Googling frantically. In fact, if you’re reading this, you may be doing that right now.

That’s right. I see you. And no judgment, I’ve totally been there. One year, I ran out of eggs for my mom’s famous macaroni and cheese recipe I was responsible for making — thanks to some jerkface cats who knocked the egg carton off the counter while I had my back turned. That was a not so fun Christmas memory. Cats are the worst sometimes. Unfortunately for you (and for me that day), the good folks at Publix headquarters have decided all their locations should be closed on Christmas Day, as well as closing at 7 p.m. on Christmas Eve, so their hourly employees can be home for the holidays with their families.

Which is awesome, because working in retail and customer service can definitely be a tiring and thankless job. Having worked in both for long periods of time in my life, I can honestly say I believe everyone should be required to work in retail, customer service, or food service for at least a year of their lives. It certainly makes you appreciate folks in these industries more, and may make you more inclined to not be banging down the door of a pizza restaurant after they’ve been closed for 15 minutes because you need a pizza you forgot about until 11:30 at night (when these people have probably been there for more than 12 hours already and they just want to go home to their families), or you need bananas on Christmas Eve at 7:30 p.m. And don’t get me started about the people being angry and screaming at you because the store ran out of turkeys five minutes before they closed. That’s your fault, didn’t you know? You’re in charge of ordering the turkeys and saving them for that one special person who couldn’t buy it three days ago.

So if you run out of coffee on Christmas morning (oh my god, the horror), you can always run to your local big chain pharmacy like Walgreens or CVS, or even Starbucks to get your caffeine fix. QuikTrip and 7-Eleven are open, so you can possibly get some gas station coffee? Better than nothing, maybe? And who needs bananas, or Christmas ham or turkey when you can eat popcorn at your local movie theater while watching a movie, which is also open on Christmas day. And a huge thank you to these folks working and staying open so we can get out of the house, grab batteries, medicine, or coffee — or even eggs if your jerkface cats knocked over a carton on Christmas day, with the dinner being in just a few hours.

So even though Publix is closed on Christmas Day (and Christmas Eve starting at 7 p.m.), there are still places where you can get smaller items, or at least something to eat, instead of the grocery store. And remember, there's always ordering Chinese food for those of us who have a hard time planning ahead or are just too busy to shop and prepare early.

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