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Wondering If Publix Is Open On Memorial Day? The Store Is Snack Central

There's only one thing more important to a pool or beach day than sunscreen: food. Nothing makes you hungry like splashing in the waves or soaking up the sun, making sustenance critical to a good summer day. So shout out to Publix for being open on Memorial Day this year. You're gonna need them to make sure you don't end up with a chorus of toddlers whining for lunch thirty minutes after getting settled in your pool recliner.

Publix is a bit of a toss up when it comes to holiday hours, as they often close while many other stores remain open. They were completely closed on Thanksgiving last year, as well as on Christmas Day, much to the dismay of procrastinators everywhere. Granted, they didn't need to stay open for Black Friday sales like other combo grocery-retail stores (such as Target and Walmart who make big holiday sales that day), but it was still rough that they weren't an option for last minute festive meal needs. At least Publix will be there for you for your summer holiday needs, as they are maintaining normal hours on Memorial Day 2019, according to a report by Good Housekeeping. You can check their holiday store hours page for any updates, but expect your local Publix to be open as it usually is.

There is one caveat you should be aware of: Your Publix pharmacy will likely be closed, so you'll want to pick up any prescriptions in advance if that's where you get your meds. The chain closed all of their pharmacies last year according to a tweet from the company, so you can expect they'll do the same this year. You'll still be able to purchase over the counter drugs from them, though. No need to stock up on ibuprofen in advance.

Obviously you'll be able to get whatever snacks or cooking supplies you want from Publix on Memorial Day, but I would keep their hot food section in mind as you plan your celebrations to make your day as least stressful as possible. Buying a couple Pub Subs, the grocery store's famous deli sandwiches, on your way to the pool makes packing lunch easy peasy. Plus, the sandwiches are so big that little kids can definitely split them and be more than full, helping you save some cash. They have other options at the deli too, like fried chicken boxes, that can help keep things simple. Pro-tip: you can order in advance online for even quicker pick up. (Thank me with a sandwich, please.) Do whatever floats your boat. And don't forget to stock up on drinks for the cooler (water bottles, juice boxes, etc.). Everybody gets super thirsty at the beach, and if you're short on beverages you'll end up spending 5 bucks for a can of seltzer at the concession stand.

Publix is just one of many grocery stores that will be open on Memorial Day, so don't think you have to scour your town for the only Publix to ensure you have poolside snacks. But it's good to know they'll be an option as you cruise towards your first day of fun in the sun for the season. Here's to snacking all summer long.