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Is Rory Living In Stars Hollow In 'The Gilmore Girls' Revival? It Looks Like She's Home

When the trailer for Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life was released, it raised the excitement of fans everywhere, but also raised plenty of questions about the four-part special ahead. Like, who does Rory end up with? And is Rory living in Stars Hollow in the Gilmore Girls revival? Because when you watch the trailer, there are quite a few scenes with her shown being back home throughout the various seasons.

The continuation of the original series is broken up into four, 90-minute parts that each encompass a season of the year. And you can see Rory back in Stars Hollow in more than just one of them, so what's the deal? In a behind the scenes photo for the Gilmore Girls revival, you see Rory sitting behind a desk with a background that isn't unlike the one shown in the trailer during Jess and Rory's brief interaction, which features a window behind Rory that clearly says, "Stars Hollow...Publishing since..." So is Rory living in Stars Hollow and working at the Stars Hollow Gazette?

In a photo that was released in Vanity Fair Italia, you see Rory and Lorelai standing at a box where the newspaper is kept and Rory holding a copy of the paper. Maybe this is to check out her byline? Or is Jess the editor and she's checking up on him? Either way, she's definitely in Stars Hollow.


Then again, in another part of the trailer, you hear Emily's disapproval of Rory traveling the world and living freely, so how can she be doing that if she is indeed living at home? There are a few explanations for all of this...

She Ran Out Of Money

Now, I know that the Gilmore family has never really been strapped for cash, but maybe Rory was given a certain amount to spend on her travels and she eventually finds herself broke with no other choice but to return home to Stars Hollow and actually settle there.

She Wants To Find A Steady Job

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Since the series is going to follow everyone several years after the events of the series finale, fans can assume that Rory is into her early thirties and as such, it wouldn't be totally outrageous for her to actually want to find a steady job within her journalism career. In the trailer, you can see her venting to Jess about having no job, credit, or underwear. That last one not withstanding, it seems clear that she's come to a point in her life where she is ready to work hard on her career.

She Came Home For A Wedding

With no real confirmation, fans are still asking if Lorelai and Luke get married in the Gilmore Girls revival, and if that is the case, then maybe Rory is shown in Stars Hollow because she's returning home for the big day and that's it. Then again, it wouldn't really explain being home for so long, unless she is helping to plan the wedding, act as maid of honor, and dip out again.

She Came Home For A Boy

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While Logan was last seen ready to leave the east coast for the west, Jess and Dean still have very strong ties to Stars Hollow, and with all three of Rory's past boyfriends set to return to the show, she could very well be in town to reconnect with one of them. Or, even if that's not why she goes, it might be why she stays.

Either way, it looks like Rory is back in Stars Hollow for the long haul, but since so much about the series is being kept secretive, it's honestly hard to say. Fans will just have to wait until the series premieres on Netflix on Nov. 25 to know for sure.