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If You Plan On Picking Up Groceries On Veterans Day, Safeway Has Got Your Back

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Veterans Day schedules might be a little more confusing this year. While the actual date for the holiday is Sunday, November 11, 2018, it is being observed on Monday, November 12. As with most federal holidays, it most likely means that if your kid is in school, they've got the day off. It also means there will be no mail, banks will be closed, and things like garbage pick up might be canceled for the day. If you need to make an emergency grocery store run and you find yourself wondering if Safeway will be open on Veterans Day, you should be OK.

Safeway stores will have regular hours on both Sunday and Monday, according to a company spokesperson. Veterans Day actually used to be known as "Armistice Day", according to, because it marked the signing of the armistice that officially ended World War I. Veterans Day is meant to honor living veterans and thank them for their service, according to The Old Farmer's Almanac. That differentiates it from Memorial Day, which honors veterans who lost their lives in service to the country.

There are more than 18.5 million living veterans, according to the Census Bureau's numbers for 2016. If you've got a veteran in your life, there are a couple of ways to thank them for their service. suggested saying thanks to vets with a special meal (which you can buy at Safeway, of course, since they'll be open), or honoring them by doing volunteer work if you've got the day off.

Even though it's a federal holiday, there's a pretty good chance you'll still have to work on Veterans Day. The Balance estimated that just 20 percent of workers get a paid holiday for Veterans Day. There's another federal holiday right around the corner, however, and one that the majority of workers will get the day off for — Thanksgiving, which falls on November 28 this year.

If you're hoping to score a free turkey to carve up on Thanksgiving, a Safeway run might be in order. The Super Safeway blog noted that some stores are running a promotion where if you spend $100 on groceries and use a special store coupon, you can score a free turkey weighing up to 16 pounds. If you spend $150, you can nab an even bigger bird. That deal runs from now until the November 12, but you'll want to double check whether your store is participating.

While anyone can get in on that Safeway Thanksgiving deal, there are plenty of deals just for military men and women marking Veterans Day. Dozens of restaurants including Apples, T.G.I. Friday's, and Golden Corral are offering free Veterans Day meals either on Sunday or Monday. Lots of other places are offering free appetizers or desserts. Seems like a well deserved treat for the men and women who keep us safe.

While it seems like most grocery stores are open on Veterans Day, they won't all give you turkeys for your trouble. So if there's a Safeway in your neck of the woods, you know where to go.

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