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Is Sansa Going To Find Arya On 'Game Of Thrones'? Don't Get Your Hopes Up Just Yet

Game of Thrones is filled with treacherous characters and backstabbers. Loyalty is hard to come by in Westeros but one character that has plenty of it is Brienne of Tarth. After pledging fealty to Catelyn Stark and agreeing to escort Jamie to King's Landing in exchange for the safe return of her daughters, Brienne has been trying to save and protect Sansa and Arya. After "The Purple Wedding" Jamie tasked Brienne with finding Sansa and keeping her safe from Cersei and Brienne has been looking for her ever since.

The first time Brienne found Sansa, Sansa turned down Brienne's offer for help, but now that Sansa really has no one else to turn to — and the fact that Brienne saved her life — Sansa finally accepts Brienne's help. Now for the first time in what feels like forever, Sansa actually has someone on her side who has her best interests at heart. Pledging fealty to Sansa, Brienne has sworn to protect Sansa, and give her own life if need be for Sansa (let's hope it doesn't come to that!). So with Brienne by her side maybe now Sansa can stop running and start fighting.

First things first, though. Sansa needs to find her sister, Arya. These two haven't seen each other since season one and although they've both changed a lot since then their love for each other sure hasn't. With only so many Starks still living, these two could really lean on each other right now. But can Sansa really find Arya? Sansa has no idea what has become of her little sister. Surely, Brienne will inform Sansa of just how close Sansa and Arya were when they were both by the Eyrie. But after Arya refused to go with Brienne (why do they always say no to her?) Brienne couldn't find her again, so that's all Brienne knows as well.

Although having Brienne on her side will definitely be an asset, it'll still be tough for Sansa to find Arya in Braavos and even if Sansa can find Arya there it seems unlikely that Jaqen will just let her go. Plus, Arya may not even want to go. She can't see so she'd just have to trust the sound of Sansa's voice, and it's been so long since they've been together that Arya might not even recognize it or think it's a trick.

There's a lot of obstacles standing in the way of Sansa finding her sister, and having Ramsay on her tail won't help things either. If Sansa and Brienne can somehow actually find Arya it'll be a wonderful surprise that rarely happens on Game on Thrones. Still, wouldn't it be great if these two could finally be reunited? One can hope.