Is Tantric Sex Safe During The 3rd Trimester?

by Tessa Shull

When a woman's pregnant, there's occasionally concern about having sex during that time. Now, for the most part, sex during pregnancy is safe as long as a doctor hasn't said otherwise. There are, however, some different types of sex couples may wonder about participating in during pregnancy, especially as the due date draws near. You may wonder, for example, is tantric sex safe during the third trimester? To answer that question, however, it's really important to define tantric sex first.

A lot of people have different ideas and understandings about tantric sex, with the majority assuming it's some sort of marathon sex sessions. Surprisingly though, according to She Knows, tantric sex does not mean having sex for hours on end. The article, which featured an interview with sex experts Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson, clarified that the core of tantric sex is about"enlightenment and having a reverence for your partner that lasts beyond the length of any orgasm." Additionally, the classic practice means couples worship each other as deities and is more about mentality than technique or length.

Based on the idea that tantric sex is built upon a deeper connection with your partner and focused around mental stimuli, the physical act of tantric sex is similar to "regular" sex when it comes to its safety level. According to Baby Center, your baby is safe in the amniotic sac of his mother's uterus during sex. Additionally, this means he's protected from infection and remains cushioned from your movements during orgasm and sex.

Because your baby's head drops during the third trimester, it can cause more discomfort for moms-to-be, according to the aforementioned Baby Center article. Although it doesn't generally affect safety, it can make sex more uncomfortable. But because tantric sex is based upon a mental connection and not physical duration, there's no reason to worry. It actually may be a way to practice more pleasurable sex, through mental connection, instead of focusing on the physical aspect of sex during the third trimester.

If you're practicing tantric sex and trying to connect on a deeper mental level with your partner, the physical aspect should be safe unless your doctor has said otherwise. Even in the third trimester. It's more about remaining comfortable and setting physical boundaries you feel are best in any sex-related situation. If you're concerned or haven't participated in tantric sex before, it's always a good idea to share that with your OB-GYN or midwife for a professional opinion.