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Is Target Open On Memorial Day? You'll Like The Answer

Memorial Day, while somber, can be an unexpectedly lovely holiday. It kicks off the summer, the weather is usually cooperative, and it doesn't involve the stress of buying presents or making baskets of fun trinkets for your kids. Instead, Memorial Day is simply about remembering those who have fought and lost their lives for our country, and eating burgers with family and friends. But if you're barbecuing, you might be wondering: is Target open on Memorial Day? Your weekend company will be relieved.

Target is open on Memorial Day, thank the barbecuing gods. Joelle McMahon, from the Target Communications office, confirmed to Romper, that Target's doors will be open, saying: "Target stores are open on Monday." In fact, the only days that Target stores across the country close or have limited hours are Easter Sunday and Christmas day. The rest of the year, it's business as usual for Target employees and the rest of us who rely on their goods (or just their general ambience for a brain break from our hectic lives).

What might you need to pick up at Target on Memorial Day, you might wonder? Well, if you're heading to a Memorial Day parade, you'll definitely want to stop in the Dollar Spot for some patriotic gear. You can also check out Target's Memorial Day sale, which features a wide-variety of awesome deals that will assist you in hosting a Memorial Day BBQ or party at a low, at least reasonable cost. Some items include a patio dining set for less than $100, comfortable outdoor seat cushions for $12 or 20 percent off, and a gag grill for less than $200.

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If you're holding a barbecue at your own home, it's always a good idea to stock up on extra utensils, plates and napkins for serving — because you never know who might stop by for a chat on the holiday. But in addition to the basics, have a look for a few festive things you can spruce up your tables and home with. Shoot for anything white, blue or red, and know that you can reuse them in a few short weeks on the Fourth of July!

Of course, you might also have just enough extra time on your hands during the holiday weekend to whip up some DIY decorations for the day. Bunting is a simple and inexpensive holiday decoration that instantly jazzes up any location. Buy some construction paper, string, and a glue stick on a quick trip to Target (is there such thing?) and make a few strings while you watch the Harry and Meghan Lifetime movie. Easy peasy.

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If you're expecting hot weather on Memorial Day, you might want to pick up a new sprinkler or even a slip and slide for the kids (big or small) coming to your soiree. A few bunches of easy-to-blow-up water balloons are always a fun way to end an event, especially if you pit the parents against the kids.

You might just be having a low-key day on the upcoming holiday, thankful for the day off from work (if you have the day off from work, that is, because not all of us are that lucky). If that's the case, you might just get to take advantage of more parents in the home who can watch kids while you get to go wander the aisles of Target without someone needing to go potty or requesting every toy or item they see in on the shelves.

No matter what you do on Memorial Day this year, know that if you need to make an emergency or not-so-emergency visit to Target, the store will be open and ready to meet your shopping needs!