The dairy section of a Trader Joe's
Melissa Renwick/Toronto Star/Getty Images

Is Trader Joe's Open On Thanksgiving 2019? Better Plan Ahead This Year

When stores change their opening hours for the holidays, it's easy to get caught by surprise. So knowing about Trader Joe's hours for Thanksgiving 2019 ahead of time gives you a set deadline for holiday meal shopping. This means your family won't miss out on TJ's Spiced Cider or Candy Cane Joe-Joe's this year.

All Trader Joe's locations are closed on Thanksgiving Day 2019, according to associates at multiple stores contacted by Romper. The store's website currently reports all Trader Joes' locations closed for Thanksgiving last year, so you can expect history to repeat itself. You can definitely call your local TJ's to double-check, but it looks like all locations will close up shop for Turkey Day this year.

Although you might not be able to shop there on Thursday, November 28, Trader Joe's has plenty of tasty goods on hand to help you get ready for that big holiday meal. In fact, "Turkey Day" at Trader Joe's starts on November 15 this year, which is the day fresh turkeys begin arriving in stores, according to the Fearless Flyer. (Their birds are not frozen). Side dish favorites such as Holiday Herb Rolls are back in stock, as well as pumpkin pies and savory vegan gravy. Whatever dishes you're cooking up this Thanksgiving, Trader Joe's has something to offer. Just plan to wrap up your holiday meal shopping the day before Thanksgiving or even earlier.