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Jon's Battle With The Night King Didn't Go As Planned On 'Game Of Thrones'

As any Stark kid will tell you, they grew up hearing stories of the White Walkers, ice dragons, and every other horror beyond The Wall. It's no wonder Sansa was so eager to move to King’s Landing in Season 1, since the biggest threat there was Cersei. And compared to ice dragons, she’s almost tame. But since the Night King seemed to reanimate Viserion at the of Sunday night's episode, those fables are becoming a reality. So is Viserion an ice dragon on Game of Thrones?

Since an ice dragon is basically the same thing as a wight and the Night King seemed to use his magic touch to turn a dead Viserion into a blue-eyed wight (like he's done to countless humans in the past), then Viserion is likely the ice dragon fans have been waiting for. But first, we should be clear on what an ice dragon is, exactly.

Even though there haven’t been any ice dragons in the Game of Thrones books so far, there has been plenty of mention to things being as cold as an ice dragon’s breath, or something similar to let readers know just how frigid the northern air is. But the ice dragon similes have been spotted throughout the different books, meaning that ice dragons were obviously on George R. R. Martin’s mind as he started writing the series.

Until Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones, though, viewers couldn’t be sure what happened to animals beyond The Wall. Sure, we’ve seen the horses of the White Walkers, but when the blue-eyed bear charged out in the middle of the snowstorm to attack Jon, The Hound, and everyone else, it opened up a whole new possibility for one of Daenerys’ dragons to turn into something else in the event that they died beyond The Wall and were converted to serve the army of the dead.

And now that Viserion has turned into an ice dragon and become the first dragon wight viewers have seen on Game of Thrones, it's definitely going to tilt the scale of power in favor of the Night King. He was already in the lead, but since he’s probably going to be riding an ice dragon the next time he shows up, the Night King’s fight against the Seven Kingdoms is about to get a lot more traction than ever before.

Not to mention how difficult it’s going to be for Daenerys to see the ice dragon Viserion has become. Something tells me no one will have any sway over him now aside from the Night King. Not even the Mother of Dragons.