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Is Walmart Open July 4th 2019? The Retail Giant Has Everything You Could Possibly Need

By Emily Kelleher

This fourth of July, millions of Americans will host barbecues and potlucks in honor of the country we call home. Many will prep and plan with the help of superstores like Walmart, and yet many will find on the day of that they're missing something essential. So, here at Romper we're asking the important questions, namely: Is Walmart open on the fourth of July?

We've all been there. You found the recipes, made the list, and did the shopping. You're ready to go, and then, wait. You left a bag of groceries at the store. You swore you had graham crackers for the s’mores, but they've disappeared. Even the most proactive party planner can't always account for what the day-of will bring. Maybe the red white, and blue tee you were planning on pulling out of the closet from last year is nowhere to be found, or the sun is sweltering and your last bottle of sunscreen got left at the beach. Whatever the circumstances might be, when you realize you're missing a party essential, you want to be able to run to the store and get it.

Luckily, Walmarts across the country will be open on July 4th. Tara Aston, the senior manager of Walmart's National Media Relations confirmed in an email that all stores will maintain their regular business hours this Independence day. Curious what the hours are for your local store? Just plug your zip code into's store locator to find hours, holiday closings, and specialty departments like pharmacy and photo. Many Walmart Supercenters are even open 24 hours a day, so if you find yourself laying awake in the middle of the night worrying about everything that has to get done before your 4th of July celebration, there's nothing stopping you from getting some shopping done.

Walmart also offers online shopping, so customers can choose items online, put them in their virtual cart online, and pick them up in the store. Many locations even offer same day pickup, so when you remember mid-shower that you forgot hamburger buns, it will only take a few clicks on your phone to have them set aside and ready for pickup. Run out of paper towels, diapers, or laundry detergent? Those can be picked up that day too. Fourth of July essentials available for same day pickup include inflatable pools, allergy meds, bug spray, and most groceries, including watermelon, corn, burgers, hot dogs, and ice cream cake. They even have those iconic red, white, and blue pops.

For those who like to plan ahead and prefer the convenience of getting things delivered right to their door, Walmart also offers two day shipping. It doesn't apply to everything Walmart has to offer, but includes some pretty sweet items like this charcoal grill ($88, Walmart), this flamingo float ($32, Walmart), and other July fourth essentials like ketchup, graham crackers, and even this patio set ($199, Walmart).

And if you're looking to outfit the family in new red, white, and blue duds, Walmart's got you covered. They have everything from onesies to adorable tutus to flag tees for men and women; some of them are even available for same day pick-up or two-day shipping. And don't forget decorations. Walmart offers banners, flags, red white, and blue lights, even a piñata. If you do end up shopping at Walmart this holiday, you won't be alone. You'll join the one third of Americans that reportedly shop at Walmart each week, according to Business Insider. In fact, according to AOL, 25 percent of money Americans spend on groceries is spent at a Walmart. And with their affordable prices, it's hard to stay away.

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