Jennifer Garner got weepy over the end of 'The  Office.'
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Jennifer Garner Weeping After Watching 'The Office' Finale With Her Kids Is All Of Us

If you're one of those people who gets way too invested in your shows, especially the endings, Jennifer Garner crying after finishing The Office with her kids will certainly make you feel seen. The 48-year-old actress didn't just shed one single beautiful tear; she cried so hard that she had to do a voice-over explaining what she was crying about because she could not pull it together.

On Monday evening, Garner took to Instagram to share a video of her reaction to watching The Office, and let me start by saying I appreciate the fact that she's wearing a Dundler Mifflin sweatshirt. To me this spells commitment. As she explains in the video, she and her three kids with ex-husband Ben Affleck, 14-year-old Violet, 11-year-old Seraphina, and 8-year-old son Sam, had been watching one episode of The Office per day during the quarantine. Considering the fact that there are nine seasons and those of us who watched the series when it first came out had to take the same journey over several years, that's a lot of time spent with the Dunder Mifflin staff of Scranton, Ohio. A lot of time to get invested in the characters. And a lot of build-up to the emotional ending.

Garner starts to try to speak in the video by saying, "My kids and I have been watching... " but that's as far as she manages to make it. She breaks down in tears, and then explained that she and her kids had just finished the show which left her with some "really big feelings." Watching herself cry, Garner says, "Oh my goodness look who needed a big cry! And maybe a shower would have been helpful?"

The mom of three explained in the caption that she had accidentally shot the video in slow motion but decided to share it anyways. "Apparently we are sensitive people — the finale hit us pretty hard," she said. "When I realized I’d accidentally shot my farewell testimonial in slo-mo I realized: your Monday might need this, too."

The 13 Going On 30 star's emotional post received responses from two stars of The Office, Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer, who also host their own podcast The Office Ladies. Kinsey wrote, "I love this. I love you and your family and just so you know the finale makes me bawl my eyes out too." Meanwhile, Fischer wrote, "Oh Lady!! This is the sweetest and most wonderful post!! Sending you lots of love and if you want to start over @angelakinsey and I are re-watching for the podcast. We are in the middle of Season 3 and have major feelings about lots of moments (Art Show, Dwight comforting Pam...)."

This isn't the first time Garner has gotten a little emotional during the pandemic. During a video chat with her friend and yoga instructor last month, she got teary talking about how much she's worried about how her kids are coping emotionally. And last week, she admitted during a Zoom interview with the cast of Schitt's Creek that she cried during that finale, too.

Maybe that's why Jennifer Garner seems so emotionally healthy. She doesn't hold back those tears. Especially when it comes to a good series finale.