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Jennifer Garner Jokes About Her "Aggressive" Christmas Tree

by Gillian Walters

A variety of unfortunate incidents can happen during the holiday season, whether it's mistakenly sending your packages to the wrong address (that would be me) or accidentally leaving out wrapped presents for your cats to chew through (also me). But then there are the funny mishaps, like Jennifer Garner accidentally ordering the wrong Christmas tree. Garner opened up about the hilarious incident in a video shared Thursday, in which she showed off its "aggressive" size.

The ever-hysterical Garner took to Instagram to explain her predicament while standing in front of tree branches, with the camera zoomed in so you can't see the entire room. “So I told my kids we could go bigger because we’re in a rental house and it has a really big foyer,” mom to Violet, 14, Seraphina, 10, and Samuel, 7, said amid laughter. The camera then pans away to reveal Garner's massive tree, with the actor adding, “But then it was delivered and I’m not sure this was the tree we picked out.”

OK, I genuinely laughed out loud at this. Especially when Garner is heard screaming, “It’s a little aggressive!” And to be fair, the tree is a bit extra. It completely dwarfed the mom's 5’8” frame, after all.

I'm not sure how this mix-up happened, but one thing is for sure — people are amazed by this wildly big tree.

"Whoa!!' Reese Witherspoon commented on the post.

Katie Couric chimed in with, "OH EM GEE that tree has some serious BTE (big tree energy)."

This isn't the first mishap Garner has endured this winter. Back in November, the 13 Going On 30 star couldn't find her car in a parking lot after visiting a Build-A-Bear. "I stopped to tie my shoes... I should be on CSI: Miami," Garner joked as she tried to retrace her steps.

Although these accidents might frazzle your average person, Garner handles everything with a lot of humor. Ad she's not afraid to poke fun of herself, like the time she shared a picture of herself sporting a bathrobe at her daughter's bus stop.

So although I hope the rest of Garner's holiday season goes smoothly, I can't say I'm upset about this mixup. It's just too hilarious.