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Jennifer Lopez's Look On The Oscars Red Carpet Was As Amazing As You'd Expect

Every year during awards show season, there are certain celebrities you look for on the red carpet. Sometimes it's to see how awesomely bad their outfits are, but most of the time, it's in anticipation of how much they will slay on the red carpet. And Jennifer Lopez's red carpet look at the Oscars was everything you would expect from the star. Although Lopez wasn't nominated for an Oscar this year, she has been almost everywhere you look, from the small screen as a judge on World of Dance to the big screen in her 2018 romantic comedy Second Act.

It was only natural that her 2019 Oscars dress reflect that — literally. Her dress was basically a disco ball and I don't think many other people could get away with all of those reflective glittering shapes that covered her gown. That's not to say that other celebrities didn't look like they were wearing their Sunday best. I mean, you can't really overlook Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet's color coordinated attire. But Lopez definitely stood out on the red carpet this year.

There has never really not been an awards show where Lopez didn't shine on the red carpet, but at the 2019 Oscars, she was literally a shining star and viewers were totally into it.

Seriously — do they give out an award for best dressed on the red carpet? I guess that's not an *official* award, but if it was, Lopez would totally be a contender this year. Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were easily one of the more anticipated red carpet couples this year and although they didn't coordinate to match each other perfectly, it's probably a good thing. The shattered disco ball look might have been a little too much for the former shortstop.

When Lopez made her red carpet appearance at the 2019 Oscars, the interviewer mentioned that she is turning 50 years old this year, but as one fan on Twitter pointed out, Lopez is basically as timeless as they come. Maybe it has something to do with being a triple threat as an entertainer, but her look just continued to prove that Lopez always shows up.

Lopez might have been a little *extra* with the reflective emblems literally everywhere on her dress, but is there really such a thing as going overboard when you are Jennifer Lopez? At this point, fans expect only the best from her, and Lopez's red carpet look was definitely a highlight of the Oscars pre-show.

She won't be wearing anything on par with her Oscars red carpet gown, but you can see Lopez on Season 3 of World of Dance next. She will also be in the upcoming drama The Hustlers at Scores and if we're lucky, Lopez will return to Will & Grace again to reprise her role as herself as she did last season.

Regardless of what comes next for her, though, Lopez's Oscars look is definitely going to be talked about long after the show ends.