Jeremy Vuolo Shared This Breathtaking Maternity Photo Of Jinger Duggar At 38 Weeks Pregnant

by Casey Suglia

On TLC's Counting On, viewers are used to watching the Duggar family celebrate very important milestones and events going on in their lives. With each and every season there are new births, marriages, and courtships to celebrate — and Jinger Duggar-Vuolo is the latest sibling with an upcoming milestone. Indeed, the expectant mom will soon welcome her first child with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, who shared a maternity photo of Jinger just days before she's expected to give birth and it's truly breathtaking.

Not only is the photo super gorgeous, but it really showcases Jinger's nine-month bump as she anticipates her due date. The photo captures such a special moment in time — especially since Jinger is just weeks (or days) away from giving birth to her first child, a girl, according to People.

In the photo, posted to Jeremy's account on Friday, Jinger is seen standing against a window, her hands holding her bump as she blissfully looks down at it. It's hard to pinpoint what makes the photo so breathtaking; it could be the lighting in the room, the black and white filter put over the photo, the simplicity of the situation or Jeremy's caption, which perfectly summed up all of his emotions while posting the photo. "Blessed," he wrote on Instagram. Awwww.

It's clear that Jinger and Jeremy are cherishing all of these last and final moments they have together as just a family of two. Considering that Jinger is reportedly due sometime this month, according to In Touch Weekly, the two of them only have a limited time left together before their lives change forever and they welcome their baby girl. For a lot of expectant mothers, this is an incredibly nerve-wracking time — especially with her due date looming ahead. But judging by Jeremy's Instagram post, the couple has done a great job at finding peace in the current moment. Fans seemed to think that the photo was so pretty, taking to the comments of Jeremy's Instagram post to share their thoughts on the photo.

"Stunning and beautiful photo," a commenter wrote.

"You sure are blessed," a commenter added.

But the majority of commenters were more anxious about the arrival of the couple's baby. "I do hope baby girl Vuolo makes her appearance rather soon!" another commenter stated. "I imagine Jinger is rather uncomfortable in the Texas heat right now."

Although some people might think that Jinger is also ready to be done with her pregnancy, recent photos of her show that she is all smiles (or she is just really good at hiding it). I mean, just look at this super sweet photo of Jinger with her older brother, John-David Duggar and his girlfriend, Abbie Grace Burnett taken last week, according to People. Just by looking at the photo, it looks like Jinger is simply glowing and looks so, so happy.

But at this point, fans will take as many photos and updates of Jinger and her bump as they can get — especially since she stopped posting bump updates to her Instagram account four weeks ago, which was around the 34-week mark. Throughout Jinger's pregnancy, she had been updating fans on the size of her bump and the size of her future daughter through super cute Instagram posts. Jeremy's post on Friday is the latest photo of his wife's bump, and it's truly precious as it continues to document these final moments of her pregnancy for fans.

It's only a matter of time before their lives are changed forever and their baby girl is here. And all the photos Jinger shared throughout her pregnancy and the one Jeremy shared most recently help preserve the memories of what a remarkable journey this has been for them.