'Counting On' Star Jinger Duggar Is Officially 34 Weeks Pregnant With Her Baby Girl — PHOTO

by Casey Suglia

Fans of the Duggar family know that it's an incredibly rewarding challenge to keep up with them all. The stars of TLC's Counting On are always up to something — like adding babies to their ever-expanding brood, and Jinger Duggar is no exception to this. Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, are expecting their first child together within a matter of weeks and Jinger Duggar's latest pregnancy update shows that her baby will be here before fans know it.

The great thing about Duggar's pregnancy is that she has been updating fans week by week, sharing the photos of her growing bump and how big her baby-to-be is getting. While she hasn't told fans about her cravings or any wild pregnancy symptoms, these somewhat frequent updates are plenty for fans who are anticipating the arrival of her child. And fans are excited, especially since Duggar and Vuolo announced that they are expecting a baby girl, according to People.

Duggar's latest Instagram bump update is no exception to this. In her newest post to her Instagram, Duggar shared a photo of her bump at 34 weeks, informing them that her baby is the size of a cantaloupe. In the photo, Jinger looks excited to be as far along in her pregnancy as she is — but she still has six more weeks to go.

Fans were delighted to see Duggar's bump update grace their Instagram feeds, taking the time to comment on the photo and Duggar's smile on her face. "You look amazing," one commenter wrote. But mainly, fans are just super excited for the baby to finally get here. "Time is getting closer and I'm very excited," another commenter wrote. "Won't be long now!!," another commenter added. "Cannot wait to see this angel baby!!"

Both Duggar and Vuolo are excited to meet their baby, too, and finally see what she looks like. In an Instagram post on his account on Tuesday, Vuolo shared baby photos of him and Duggar with the most hilarious caption about anticipating the birth of their baby girl. "I'd be lying if I said I haven't prayed that God would let our baby girl look just like her mama," Vuolo wrote. Considering that Vuolo and God are pretty tight (he's a pastor, according to In Touch Weekly), Vuolo's prayers could be answered. But he, along with fans, will have to wait and see when Duggar does finally give birth — which could happen in July, according to Radar Online, which is when Duggar's due date reportedly is.

While Duggar and Vuolo seem pretty excited for their baby to arrive, Duggar has at least maintained a sense of humor during even the roughest parts of pregnancy — having to be pregnant in extremely hot weather. Last week, Duggar hilariously referred to the weather in her Texas town as the "perks of a summer pregnancy" on her Instagram account, letting fans know that she was a little ready for her pregnancy to be over. But luckily that shouldn't take too long.

However, before she can give birth, another one of her siblings will have to welcome his first child into the world, as well. Her brother, Joseph, and his wife, Kendra Caldwell, are expecting their first child (a baby boy) any day now, according to In Touch Weekly (Caldwell's due date is reportedly on June 17). If fans thought that Duggar and Vuolo seemed far along, then they'll think the same of her brother and his wife — especially since they announced their pregnancy one month before Duggar and Vuolo did.

The great news is, these births are going to happen very soon — and Duggar's latest Instagram bump update only has fans more excited for these new arrivals.