Jessa Duggar's Three Cute Kids Star In Her Video On Dealing With Picky Eaters

It looks like this Counting On star is slowly integrating herself back onto YouTube, having shared a fun DIY project for parents shortly before Thanksgiving. Now Jessa Duggar is sharing tips for parents of picky eaters via a new video, complete with cameos from her adorable three kiddos.

It's not clear what spurred Duggar's return to YouTube after an almost two-year hiatus, but what is obvious? She recently revamped the diets of her kids after realizing her family had fallen into a food "rut." The first step was Duggar refusing to buy snacks the kids frequently asked for, like Goldfish crackers. Although the mom-of-three has nothing against the tasty snack, she noticed her kids lost their appetites for dinner after munching on crackers all day.

Duggar also shared photos of 4-year-old Spurgeon and 2-year-old Henry indulging in "sugary treats," while vowing to make a commitment to healthier eating. "We as parents have a responsibility to be training their palette in the right direction when they're young," she says to viewers.

Of course, you don't want to deprive your kids of everything they enjoy. "Always have something at the meal you know they'll love," Duggar advises parents. What's more? You need to introduce these changes "incrementally" to help them stick.

Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid pairing snacks like tater-tots or mac and cheese with overall healthy meals, Duggar says.

Duggar, who says she's four months into this "journey," suggests instructing your kids to say "I prefer" instead of "I don't like" in regards to new foods. Redirecting how they responds to different meals might make them more apt to trying new things down the road.

To get your kid to "prefer" a new vegetable or food, Duggar advises putting a little salt or butter on it instead of serving them only steamed. Duggar showed her kids eating mixed veggies and quinoa to prove her point, and both boys seemed to enjoy the new creations.

Last but not least, it's important to let kids help. "They love to be involved in what we're doing," Duggar explained. She added, "They can do more than what we give them credit for." Examples include having them learn to crack an egg (a fave of Spurgeon's) or letting them season the food.

Although I appreciate Duggar's tips, my favorite part of the video was when 6-month-old Ivy Jane made a cameo. She's too cute.

I'm curious to see where Duggar's YouTube channel goes, but from the DIY project to these healthy eating tips, it looks like things are moving in a neat direction.