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Jessica Simpson's New Photo Of Baby Birdie Will Make Your Ovaries Explode

Fans of Jessica Simpson are probably aware the singer recently gave birth to her third child — but they still aren't sure what she looks like. Although her baby girl is 1 month old at this point, the singer has yet to share a closeup of her newborn daughter. Sure, she has appeared in a family shot, and in photos from a side angle. But I'm sure fans have been dying to get up close and personal with Birdie. Well, it looks like they just got their wish. And honestly, Jessica Simpson's new photo of baby Birdie will make you want to squish her adorable cheeks.

As People reported, Simpson took to Instagram on Saturday, April 27 to share a photo of her baby girl. And spoiler alert: She's basically the cutest. "Rollin’ into the weekend #BIRDIEMAE," the mom of three captioned a black and white photo of Birdie wearing a dress. Singer Jessie James Decker summed up my exact thoughts upon seeing this photo. "OMG I want to squeeze her little cheeeeekkkkks!!!!!!!! But I won’t. But I want to. But I won’t."

Actress January Jones chimed in with, "Arm folds for the win!! 😫❤️."

Another follower commented on Birdie's facial birthmark, writing, "She is absolutely precious!!😍My daughter was born with the same strawberry mark on her forehead. The pediatrician called it an angle’s kiss. It faded by the time she was one but still to this day when she gets a fever it shows up!! I always tell her you were kissed by an angel! ❤️"

Take a look at the deliciousness for yourself!

(Those cheeks!)

As ET Online reported, Simpson and Johnson welcomed their baby girl on March 19 via a scheduled C-section. They are also parents to a 6-year-old daughter, Maxwell, and a 5-year-old son, Ace. "We are so happy and proud to announce the birth of our perfect daughter, Birdie Mae Johnson. 3.19.1910 Pounds 13 Ounces," Simpson wrote alongside a photo of the newborn grasping her big sister's finger at the hospital.

Since then, Birdie has popped up on Simpson's Instagram account a few more times. There was this pic of Johnson dressed in a suit and wearing sunglasses while holding an infant car seat. "Hot Dad Alert 🚨," she fittingly captioned the pic. (At least I'm assuming the baby was in the seat, considering a blanket was draped over it.) According to Inquisitr, this photo unfortunately brought out the trolls, who claimed Birdie wouldn't be able to breathe with the seat covered. (Never mind that these people had no idea how long the baby was like that.)

On Easter, Simpson gifted her followers with not one, but three more photos including their newest addition, according to Today. The family of five was dressed in their Sunday best for one shot.

And in another photo, Max can be seen leaning over a bassinet with Birdie snoozing peacefully inside. (Those matching dresses and floral arrangements, ahh!)

The third photo was a closeup of their baby girl lying on her tummy fast asleep.

I'm so thrilled Jessica Simpson finally shared a straight-on photo of Birdie's sweet face. And it's clear the rest of her fans are, too. Whichever part of Birdie's irresistible cuteness you can't get over, one thing was clear: She's simply perfect.