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Jessica Simpson's Photo Of Birdie In A Car Seat Sparked Some Irritating Comments

Jessica Simpson is proud of her family. Anyone who follows the singer and fashion designer on social media knows she is incredibly happy with her kids and her husband, and is more than happy to share a little family moment on Instagram when the mood strikes. And those same followers are well aware that the 38-year-old mom of three has plenty of critics who are going to go after her if they see anything they can criticize in her photos, because I guess celebrities can't be regular humans after all. And most recently, Jessica Simpson's new photo of baby Birdie covered with a blanket while in her car seat sparked some irritating and uncalled for comments on Instagram.

Simpson and her husband, former NFL player Eric Johnson, are parents to three adorable kids: 7-year-old daughter Maxwell, 5-year-old son Ace, and new baby girl Birdie who was born on March 19 after a rather difficult pregnancy. In fact, Simpson generously shared the details of that tough pregnancy — including the time she broke a toilet seat, according to Page Six — with her followers because she's not about trying to come across as perfect.

As honest as she is about her struggles, Simpson also wants to do a little family bragging now and again, since I think that's why Instagram was invented, right? So this week, she shared a photo of her husband looking pretty sharp in a suit and sunglasses, carrying Birdie in her car seat with the caption, "Hot Dad Alert."

I'm guessing from the caption Simpson shared, the intent behind the picture was to do a little husband bragging. And now I'm feeling a bit sorry for Eric Johnson, because a few people completely overlooked him and all of his handsome-ness to go on the offensive about Birdie being covered by a blanket in her car seat.

"Let the baby breath, not cover her too much!!!" one person commented on the photo.

Another wrote, "Hot baby too! please don’t cover up the car seat with a blanket. Air can not circulate and baby will over heat and become extremely unwell."

One more said, "Can I ask especially in America why you put these blankets over car seats?"

"Hot baby more like — how’s it supposed to get air?!" yet another commented.

Another said, "While you slowly cook your baby. The temp under there can be hot enough for your child to fit. Yet so many parents do this everyday even in the hot summer."

One more person commented, "Soooo good looking!! But yes... please let the baby breathe."

Now to be fair, it's generally considered a bad idea to cover your baby in a stroller or car seat with a blanket, as a 2016 Swedish study found that it puts children at risk of becoming overheated, as The Independent reported. The American Academy of Pediatrics also has specific recommendations to keep babies safe and warm in their car seats.

There's also the issue of not being able to see your baby under the blanket, which I'm guessing is probably exactly the reason little Birdie is covered up in that moment. To shield her from the public until her parents are ready to share a photo of her.

Also let's not forget this picture is a literal snapshot in time; we have no clue how long she was under the blanket for or what the circumstances might have been. Assuming the baby was in any danger seems a bit over the top, to be honest.

Jessica Simpson has often been the target of these sort of faux concerned comments from critics in the past, according to In Style. Despite the fact that her children are clearly healthy and well cared for, critics are always circling to see if they can find fault.

I say we give her the benefit of the doubt here and assume she covered her baby up to protect her from prying eyes. Because she is a mom of three and probably knows a bunch of things about parenting by now.