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Jessica Needs To Be Held Accountable For Her Actions On 'Big Brother'

Even though the Big Brother 19 house has been split apart since what seems like the very beginning of the season, Jessica and Cody can’t be considered the victims forever. Especially now that Jessica’s butt poking on Big Brother has so many houseguests upset. And really, their reasons behind their concerns are totally understandable.

Alliances and arguments aside, because there’s definitely enough of those to go around this season, what Jessica’s been doing to the houseguests might seem like a harmless joke to her, but to many of them it’s something that’s made them increasingly uncomfortable. Jessica has been seen on the Big Brother feeds randomly sticking her fingers up the rears of several other houseguests and laughing hysterically about it.

At one point in the feeds, she did it to an unsuspecting Matt and after someone called her a "sexual predator," she responded by laughing about it. But the truth is, anything similar to what Jessica’s done, without the other person’s consent, is considered a form of assault. Even if she doesn’t realize how her actions against the other houseguests makes them feel, their feelings are what really matters here. And if they tell her it makes them uncomfortable, then it needs to stop.

Paul and Kevin discussed Jessica’s fate without Cody in the house and pointed out to each other that if the roles were reversed and a male member of the house was performing the same random act on the women, it would be called out for the sexual harassment and assault that it is. Their conversation really did point out a double standard in regard to her actions. Jessica might think she’s being playful and joking with her fellow houseguests, but in reality, it’s something that’s made pretty much everyone uncomfortable.

Paul even said on the Big Brother feeds, "I didn't like when her fingers went up my ass" and told her as much. But again, it was something that was more laughed off than taken seriously. Even though Jessica’s butt poking on Big Brother hasn’t led to any other unwanted touching with the men of the house, she did cross a line with Alex, who felt it on a much deeper level.

"She's actually a sexual predator," Alex said on the feeds in reference to Jessica. "I don't like when she slapped my vagina." When talking to Josh about Jessica’s actions, Alex revealed that her cousin was raped and murdered, bringing the topic of sexual assault really close to home for the houseguest.

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To hear her flat out admit that Jessica makes her genuinely uncomfortable shows that the houseguests’ concerns of Jessica’s inappropriate behavior stem from a place of feeling violated in the Big Brother house. Never mind what "sides" everyone is on or who supports whom in the house. Jessica’s predatory actions have enough houseguests feeling uncomfortable enough for her to know that at this point, it’s too much and it's time to take them seriously.