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Jimmy Kimmel's Toddler Refuses To Pick A Halloween Costume & It's Relatable AF

Jimmy Kimmel loves being a dad, judging from the stories he tells on his show and in his often moving monologues. But this week, he touched on some of the more frustrating, and hilarious, aspects of parenting a toddler. On Tuesday, Jimmy Kimmel vented about kids picking their own Halloween costume and it's something that the parent of any tiny person will relate to.

Kimmel said that he and his wife asked their 3-year-old daughter Jane what she wanted to be for Halloween. Really, what kind of tradition is this? Why do we allow toddlers to call the shots on Halloween when they're basically known for, as Kimmel puts it, changing their minds "every 11 seconds."

As Kimmel explained, Jane was ready with an answer. She told her parents that she was not being a princess at any cost — although, Kimmel added, no one had asked her to be a princess to begin with. But it's pretty badass that she somehow heard it through the ether that she had a choice about that. Instead, she said she wanted to be Wonder Woman and that she would need a cape. Looks like Jane's already embracing her feminist self.

Hey, nothing wrong with a little Wonder Woman costume, right? Kimmel and his wife did what any parent would do. They promptly ordered the costume and figured their Halloween errands were over. But you know how this story ends right?

When the costume came in the mail they asked Jane to come and try it on. Her response? "No wonder," she said. Jane insisted that she was Jane, not Wonder Woman, and definitely didn't want to wear a cape.

So now what, Kimmel asked his viewers. Do they let her pick another costume, risking that she change her mind again? Or just come up with a costume for her and just make her wear that one? In addition to sharing the Jane story, Kimmel added that he actually is quite good at coming up with costumes.

He said that when one of his older daughters, Katie, was 7 years old, he made her a door costume. So people would open the door on the tricking-or-treating route and be met with just another door. So, with that gem in his back pocket, he could definitely come up with something good for little Jane.

It really is a conundrum that parents face. You want to give the kid a chance to be creative and show off their personality but they really, most often, have no clue whatsoever what they want. For Halloween, for dinner, for pretty much anything. That being said, sometimes they stage their own little coups.

This summer, Kimmel's entire family attended her ballet recital. Kimmel explained that the only reason they had really signed her up for dance class was to take pictures of their baby girl in a tutu. Jane's crew was set to go up third to last, but mid-recital, the toddler turned to her mother and told her, "I am not going to dance."

Kimmel insisted that she had to go up on the stage and dance since the entire family had come out and they missed a weekend at the beach for this thing. They sat for an hour and watched all the other dance troupes go up and do their thing. Alas, when it was Jane's turn, she kept her word and sat right down on the right hand of the stage and watched her class dance on with on without her.

How do I meet this amazing and adorable child? It takes most people almost half of their adult life to stand up for themselves and set boundaries. Little Jane's already got that down. Let's just hope she doesn't drive her mom and dad insane before Halloween switching out her costumes. And that Kimmel will share some pics to let all of Jane's fans know what she decided on eventually. I, for one, will be waiting.

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