These Pics Of Jinger Duggar's Daughter In Pants Prove The Legend Continues

Jinger Vuolo has a reputation as being something of a rebel in her famous family. Now, if you're picturing some wild child who is causing all sorts of issues and refusing to function in regular society, you're wrong. That might be the typical definition of rebel, but the Duggar family is anything but typical. They have some pretty strict rules about dress code and behavior and courtship and kissing... the list goes on. But it looks as though there might be subtle hints that things are changing for the next generation. Jinger Vuolo's daughter might have her mom's rebellious streak, if you can really call it that, just based on her fashion alone.

Jinger and her husband Jeremy Vuolo welcomed their first daughter, Felicity, last July. They got married in November 2016, which meant they were married for over a year and a half before having their first baby, according to People. Fans of TLC's Counting On, which follows the story of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's 19 children, will know that even waiting that length of time is rather frowned upon in the Duggar family. That's not the only way Jinger has subtly rebelled against her family, however. She also moved to Laredo, Texas where Jeremy is a pastor instead of staying near the family homestead in Tontitown, Arkansas. As if that wasn't bad enough, she and Jeremy recently announced on Instagram that they'll be moving to Los Angeles, California in the near future, as per People.

It should be noted that the rest of the family has remained close to home.

If you thought moving out of state as a grown woman and waiting a year after marriage to have a baby is rebellious, brace yourself for a shock. Jinger was also the first of the Duggar sisters to wear pants, something Michelle Duggar explained in a 2013 Facebook post was not part of their spiritual culture, as per Cross Map:

Our interpretation was that from the neck down to the knee should be covered. By keeping those private areas covered, there's not any "defrauding" going on. My kids are taught the definition of defrauding as stirring up desires that cannot be righteously fulfilled. We don't believe in defrauding others by the way we dress. And different people may be defrauded by different things. We can't control their thoughts, but we're responsible before God for our part.

Jinger, on the other hand, must have disagreed because that girl is loving her pants.

And what's more, she's dressing her baby girl in pants too. And not just any pants.... jeans.

Jinger has embraced pants for her baby girl on several occasions, because Felicity is her daughter and she gets to raise her as she sees fit. Also Felicity looks pretty happy in those pants so no harm, no foul.

The Duggar family hasn't publicly commented on Jinger's rebel status; they haven't even commented on Felicity in her little jeans. Publicly, at least. Privately I hope they can see that her pants are fine, she's a happy baby... and perhaps telling women they have to wear skirts so they don't give men the wrong idea is seriously wrong-footed. Just a thought.