Joanna Gaines Says Her Older Kids Adore Baby Crew & Who Could Blame Them

In 2019 I like to think that we women got together and decided we were going to start supporting each other no matter what. Even if, for example, you come across a woman who is really great at everything and her family is happy and her job is perfect and her hair is shiny. You Still need to be supportive; being jealous is cliche and boring and old-fashioned. With that in mind, I'm happy to tell you that Joanna Gaines' children don't do sibling rivalry and it doesn't matter that I used to think my kids were going to murder each other when I wasn't looking. I'm here to be happy for Joanna Gaines because that's what we're about now, you know?

Joanna and Chip Gaines from HGTV's Fixer Upper are raising five children at their farmhouse in Waco, Texas: 14-year-old Drake, 12-year-old Ella, 10-year-old Duke, 9-year-old Emmie Kay, and 9-month-old Crew. Now as you can see, there was something of a serious gap between Emmie Kay and baby Crew; the couple's fifth child came as something of a "surprise," as per E! News, not long after she turned 40. But has this new little addition caused issues in their household? Apparently not.

The proud mom told People that even after the novelty of having a new baby around has worn off, Crew's siblings completely adore him:

They are still completely obsessed with this kid.

So much so, in fact, that they're willing to step in to give a hand to their mom if their baby brother is getting fussy:

[I love] just watching them. Even when he’s crying and Drake will [say], ‘Hey, I’ll go.’ We have the stroller outside, and they’ll go all the way to the gate, back and forth. [Crew] loves being outside, so it’s not a thing where I have to ask them. They just say, ‘Can I do this?’ ‘Of course.’

Even when her kids are in a position when some of their traditions have to change for Crew's sake, apparently they don't mind. This past Christmas, the Gaines family had to forego decorating their family tree in the den because this is now the location of Crew's bedroom. And while the designer was worried her kids might be bothered by moving the tree from the den to the master bedroom, she wrote in a Magnolia blog post that she needn't have been concerned:

Truthfully, I was nervous the kids might be sad that things would look a little different this year. I even asked them if we should combine the two trees into one for next year, but they all said they love it just the way it turned out. I love how Crew has given us all fresh eyes to see the wonder in our yearly traditions.

To be perfectly fair here, I suspect Joanna and Chip Gaines deserve some pretty serious credit for how well-adjusted their kids were with this big life change.

They've clearly made sure each of their kids feels honored and seen. So they deserve all of that family harmony on the farm.