Target's New Joanna Gaines Holiday Line Will Instantly Put You In A Festive Mood

by Cat Bowen

I am a Chip and Joanna devotee. For five seasons of their hit show, Fixer Upper, I watched as they shiplapped their way through the beaten-up homes of Waco, Texas, turning them into something gorgeous. While, admittedly, one of the chief reasons the show was so popular was the gregarious Chip and all his ghillie suit shenanigans, at the end of it all, it would be nothing without the talent and direction of Joanna Gaines and her striking modern rustic eye. Her Target line showcases her keen eye perfectly, and the cutest items from Joanna Gaines' newest Target collection are lovely and lust-worthy.

The Hearth and Hand at Magnolia line at Target has caught my eye more than once. While my personal home decorating style can best be described as part Mom, part luxe Lenny Kravitz mansion, (I really like gold and velvet), much of Joanna Gaines' stuff is so timeless, and so classic, it works for any design style. It's just so warm and comforting without going over the edge into kitschy country. The most remarkable items from Joanna Gaines' newest Target Collection do the holidays right. It's all classic color combinations paired with rich textures and smart design. There's not really a miss in the bunch. Available in stores on November 1.


Throw Blanket

This warm little number reminds me of the Scottish Highlands, warm fires, and good wine. I can picture wrapping it around myself at the end of the night, cozying in with a good book.


Toy Kitchen


Rocking Goat

How is this only $60? It's so freaking cute and who's ever seen a rocking goat? I want one, and I'd look ridiculous riding a wooden goat. Not that I won't try. I hope it holds six feet of mom.


Women's Plaid Union Suit

They have these suits for men and kids as well. I'm picturing hilarious family pictures in front of the tree, and unbuttoning my husband's butt flap when he's not paying attention, because that would be hilarious.


Serving Stand

Sure, Joanna Gaines is showing these with tiny pots de creme, but if you think I can't fill these with jello shots, you'd be wrong. Lime and cherry, of course. Christmas colors!