John David Duggar & Abbie Burnett's Engagement Photos Might Just Take Your Breath Away

John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett announced their engagement on Wednesday following one month of courtship, a development that didn't surprise Counting On fans one bit. The two seem deeply in love, after all, and it's hard to deny there's something special about their relationship. But if you're someone who is doubtful about the whirlwind proposal, you'll definitely want to check out John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett's engagement photos because they perfectly demonstrate the couple's strong bond. Get ready to feast your eyes on a lot of cuteness, people.

Out of all the Duggar kids, John David is arguably the most responsible. From John David's many jobs (licensed pilot, town constable, car-flipping) to the attention he gives his younger siblings, he is the type of guy who takes life seriously. And it goes without saying that John David wouldn't propose to someone for the sake of pleasing Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar — in fact, it took him 28 years to find love with Burnett. In comparison, John David's brothers — Josiah Duggar, Josh Duggar, and Joseph Duggar — were all married before the age of 23. It just goes to show John David was willing to wait for love, even if it meant being the odd man out.

So, now that John David has officially abandoned his "bachelor to the rapture" claim, he isn't afraid to dive into romance head first. Want proof? Look no further than these adorable snaps of John David and Burnett's engagement, which took place in an airplane hangar. The first pic shows John David down on one knee in a heart-shaped pool of rose petals, while Burnett flashes a big smile. Above the couple is a bright movie theater marquee that reads "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" Aw.

But wait — that's not all. The couple also shared a black and white pic of themselves embracing one another in front of an airplane. John David and Burnett couldn't look any happier in the heartwarming shot.

"Looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together! #engaged," the couple captioned the photos, according to Instagram.

It's quite clear from the photos that John David put a lot of thought into the proposal, a sentiment he touched on shortly after the engagement news broke. “We’ve been ready for this step for a little while, but it was really just I had a lot of things I wanted to get done to make it really special,” John David explained in a video shared to TLC's website. “I don’t know if I succeeded or not, but it was a lot of things.”

John David would probably be pleased to know that many fans view his proposal as a great success.

"Obsessed with this proposal! Congrats! John is on a new level," someone wrote on Instagram. "Never seen him so animated and joyful."

Another person chimed in: "This is amazing! Probably my favorite proposal yet!"

"If this isn’t the cutest proposal I’ve ever seen," one fan penned.

Others pointed out how thrilled John David looks in the touching snaps.

"Nice to see you finally smiling John," someone commented.

"His face is just filled with light and sparks and love!" another fan gushed. "I’ve never seen him so animated! It’s amazing how we’ll love suits him. When you know, you know."

"They look so happy. God bless them John D has a new glow in his face since Abbie came along," a commenter agreed.

Yep, I have to agree with all of the fans here who think John David and Burnett are absolutely smitten with one another. It's truly heartwarming to witness, and I wish the couple the best going forward.