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John Legend Admits He Too Is Struggling With This New Homeschooling Gig

by Casey Suglia

Schools across the country have shut down due to COVID-19 containment efforts, suddenly turning parents into homeschool teachers, including celebrities, of course. For instance, in the new issue of People, John Legend admitted that he's also struggling with homeschooling his kids and didn't realize how tough of a gig it would be.

The singer told People that he and wife Chrissy Teigen are busy trying to keep their two kids, 3-year-old daughter Luna and 1-year-old son Miles, entertained and educated while staying safe at home. In Los Angeles, where Legend and his family predominantly reside, schools are closed until May 1, according to the Los Angeles Times.

"It's not easy," he told the magazine. "I think every parent is realizing how hard it is to be a teacher." Indeed, he's certainly not alone; parents have been sharing their own trials and tribulations of homeschooling amid a pandemic through hilarious memes and tweets since schools started closing earlier this month. One such parent shared that their attempt at homeschooling turned into a rollerskating party.

As for Legend and Teigen, the father of two shared with People that Luna and Miles' school "is helping by sending little activities and things and the music teacher sends songs for us to do with them." He added, "We're fortunate enough to have a pool and a beach behind the house so occasionally. But just keeping them entertained and engaged all day, it's a lot!"

And based on Legend's Instagram posts, it looks like Luna and Miles have been keeping plenty busy, coming up with interpretive dances and Luna even made an appearance during Legend's at home concert.

Meanwhile, Teigen has been busy trying out new recipes and trading banana bread for produce with her Twitter followers. Heck, if we're spending so much time at home, we all could maybe use a little interpretive dance and snazzy recipes.

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