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John Legend & Luna's Play Date Looked Like So Much Fun

There is no denying that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's family is absolutely adorable. The parents to two kids under the age of two — 2-year-old daughter Luna and 1-year-old son Miles — always seem to have so much fun together, no matter what they do. But the family doesn't always need to be together to have fun. This weekend, while Teigen was gone away from home, the family of three didn't suffer. Seriously, John Legend and daughter Luna's dress-up play date seemed like such a blast that it even made Teigen jealous.

Sure, Teigen might definitely win the title of "the fun parent" in their relationship. She's always making hilarious jokes, in addition to cooking delicious food for her kids and dressing up to please her oldest child, Luna. It's a title that she's worked hard to earn — Teigen has proven time and time again that parenting young kids is supposed to be fun. But, after this weekend, Legend might take that title away from her.

While Teigen is currently working on a secret project in Morocco, according to Yahoo!, Legend is watching both of their kids, according to Cosmopolitan. But this isn't something that has proven to be difficult. In photos, shared to the Instagram accounts of both parents over the weekend, the daddy daughter duo looked like they had such a fantastic time together.

In these photos, both Luna and Legend can be seen wearing the brightest, most electric red wig, which is a dead ringer for Ariel's 'do from The Little Mermaid. Not only does Luna look so happy to be transforming into a different toddler with the wig, but she looks so happy to be having so much fun with her dad. This proves that while mom's away (on business), the duo will play — and they look like they had a blast. "She loves this wig," Legend captioned the photo that he shared to his account.

And their perfect day of dress up and wearing wigs even made Teigen jealous all the way from Morocco. "My babies are having too much fun without me!," Teigen captioned photos from the play date on Instagram. Although she couldn't have been there with her family, these photos are pretty much the next best thing.

Wearing wigs isn't the only thing that Legend and Luna have done together this very epic weekend. Legend took to Instagram on Saturday to share that both Luna and Miles were playing the piano under his watch. Because it's never too early to start teaching them how to play — especially since they're learning how to play piano from one of the best players around.

Needless to say, Teigen is pretty much obsessed with these updates from her husband. Early Sunday morning, she shared a video update of Miles, narrated by Legend on Twitter, showing how fine her family is without her. "Living for my daily updates from John," Teigen wrote on Twitter.

But, it makes sense that Luna and Legend would have such a legendary day of dress up together — ever since she was young, Luna has been a "daddy's girl." As Parents reported, in 2017 (when Luna was just a little over a year old), Teigen announced on The Rachel Ray Show that Luna was already wanting to do everything that Legend was doing. Teigen explained:

If John feeds her, she'll be like, "Da da! Da da!" And she'll eat anything. Moms, you know, there is just no getting around it. They just love their daddy.

And when Teigen announced that she was expecting a little boy a year later, she was excited at the prospect of having that same bond with her son, according to People. Especially since Luna and Legend are so close. Teigen said, during an appearance on TODAY:

I'm so excited because Luna is such a daddy's girl. They say that boys just love their mamas.

It's clear, based on the photos from this weekend, that both Luna and Miles are loving this time that they're spending with him while Teigen is away. Although Teigen might have the reigning title of "coolest parent," it's clear that Legend is definitely picking up some steam.