Robert Clark/ABC

John Paul Jones Went Home Amidst Controversy On 'The Bachelorette'

When the great injustices of the 21st century are analyzed by historians, chief among them will be John Paul Jones getting sent home on Hannah's season of The Bachelorette before even getting so much as a one-on-one date. Yes, it's true; the prince of eating chicken nuggets and minding his business John Paul Jones was eliminated on The Bachelorette and Twitter is rightfully devastated.

Hannah's week in Rhode Island with her remaining contestants was marred by the feuding Lukes and the conflict got so out of hand that Hannah wound up pulling each of them aside at the cocktail party to hash it out. If you'll remember, Luke P. kind of sucker punched Luke S. at the rugby game, which spiraled into a debate over whether Luke S. was there for the right reasons or just to promote his tequila brand. Luke S., flabbergasted by the accusation, clarified that he mentioned his spirit company aspirations to the guys in passing as part of normal getting-to-know-each-other conversation. But Luke P. still tattled on him to Hannah — even after vowing in front of all the guys to tell her that he'd mischaracterized Luke S.

The heart-to-heart Hannah planned for them also devolved into an argument and poor Luke S. just couldn't recover in a totally unfair situation. Hannah got so frustrated (which bore its own memes) that she wound up walking out of the conversation and canceling the cocktail party altogether, opting instead to go straight to the rose ceremony. I won't say that this debacle directly influenced John Paul Jones going home, but he did miss out on some critical one-on-one time at the cocktail party, where Hannah may have been convinced to keep him around for just a little while longer.

Twitter was furious at the cruel twist of fate, and it's easy to see why; John Paul Jones has been an endless source of entertainment this season. From boasting a smirk that could launch a thousand ships, to accepting the occasional rose with a "yas, queen," to exclusively referring to himself in the third person by his full name John Paul Jones, John Paul Jones has enjoyed an admirable run on The Bachelorette.

But Twitter suspects that this doesn't mark the end of his time with the franchise. John Paul Jones is a USDA prime cut of Bachelor in Paradise material and fans are dying to see him make the jump. They even have odds on Demi as his ideal match.

In the end, John Paul Jones missed out on a trip to Scotland, the season's first international adventure. As at least one Twitter user pointed out, this means Bachelor Nation not only missed out on seeing him in a kilt, but also on watching him compete in some Highland games, which included wrestling other contestants. Maybe John Paul Jones and Luke P. can meet up in Paradise and deliver fans the lost wrestling match they deserve. In the meantime, Twitter is counting down the days till Luke P.'s elimination.