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Join Romper At The Mom 2.0 Virtual Summit & Help Us Choose 2020's Favorite Parenting Influencer

If you try and tell me that you haven't used the internet as a survival tool over the last five months of pandemic parenting, I will a) not believe you and also b) assume you are a wizard. As Zoom and FaceTime-fatigued as everyone is, in the ~unprecedented times~ of COVID I think all parents could benefit from a couple of days dedicated specifically to learning from and supporting each other as we forge on into the fall. To that end, we're thrilled to announce that Romper is a media partner for the Mom 2.0 Summit again this year — and this time, it's virtual.

Last year was Romper's first time as the National Media Partner of the Mom 2.0 Summit, where for three blissful days in Austin, Texas, we got to help celebrate female entrepreneurship, digital professionalism, and the power of storytelling. Storytelling feels more prevalent and important than ever this year, and while a virtual summit isn't quite the same, we hope everyone can find some inspiration and, honestly, relief here. (You are not the only one screaming into the void after bedtime. You are not the only one crying over digital learning. You are not the only one, you are not the only one, you are not the only one.) The Mom 2.0 2020 Summit is Sept. 15 through Sept. 17, and will include everything from one-on-one meetings with marketers, brands, and influencers, to keynotes and workshops. You can find the full schedule here. (Read on below for an excellent discount on tickets, too.)

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Partnering on this summit means Romper is also hosting the People's Choice Iris Award. The Iris Awards in general are like the parenting community's Oscars, highlighting excellence in online media in several categories. The People's Choice award is specifically for your favorite parenting blogger, Youtuber, TikTok-er, Stories-er, or Newsletter-er. And we know you have one! It's time to think of the one parenting influencer, blogger, writer — however they're titled — who has really kept you grounded during this pandemic. Do they write perfect pieces of advice in their captions? Do their Instagram live sessions make you feel seen? (I saw one recently where the child wandered in, demanding his mother wipe his butt, and I was so glad to see her irritated by this.) Have their blogs been chockfull of ideas for you to make it through this five-month break?

Someone has been your favorite, and it's time to honor them. It's time to honor motherhood in general, especially this year. Nominate your favorite here. We're accepting nominations through Friday, August 14.

And get your tickets for the virtual summit here, using the special Romper-exclusive code ROMPER2020 for a $100 discount. See you at the Summit!