Jonathan Van Ness Is Helping All The Johns, Jacks & Jonathinas Get Free Charmin TP

Anyone who watches Queer Eye on Netflix knows Jonathan Van Ness is all about giving the people what they want. Excellent bangs, moisturizing tips, a lesson on how to walk in heels that, let's face it, every single one of us probably needs pretty badly. But do you know what else he wants to help people get? Free toilet paper. Especially if they're within the same name family as the man himself because you have to have a link to your fellow humans on some level, right? Announced today, Jonathan Van Ness is partnering with Charmin for a one-day promotion that would see all the Johns, Jonathans, Jacks, and "Jonathinas" out there offered the chance to get free toilet paper for a pretty amazing reason: it seems that's already their toilet paper of choice.

On June 5, Charmin launched a social media promotion to offer anyone named a version of John — or, as long as you're 18 or older, anyone who happens to know a Jonathan, parents of tiny Jonathans or Jacks or Jacksons, please be advised — a chance to win free toilet paper. "In honor of Charmin’s favorite name, they will be giving out free toilet paper to Johns and friends and family of Johns nationwide today," the TP manufacturer said in a press release.

Charmin conducted a recent survey of customers that came up with a rather shocking result. According to the company's press release, it seems people with the name John actually prefer Charmin when they're... well, when they're, ya know, using the john.

Of course, once the company made that connection, they enlisted the help of everyone's favorite John (or Jonathan) to help spread the word about the nationwide social media gift to as many Johns out there as possible. Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness was his usual gracious self when he told Romper in a phone interview, "Anyone who has toilet paper in their bathroom is ahead of the game, honey."

FYI: He also doesn't discriminate about the way the toilet paper roll gets put on the dispenser, over or under, and I think that's so egalitarian of him.

"I've always enjoyed Charmin's mission to make my bathroom experience more gorgeous," Van Ness explained in a Charmin press release. "When I found out the results of their groundbreaking survey, that Johns, Jonathans, Johnnys, and Jonathinas all said that Charmin was also their fave, I knew I had to jump on the opportunity to partner with them."

So here's how it works: as of 9:30 a.m. ET on June 5, anyone named a variation of John or anyone who knows one just needs to tweet @Charmin with the hashtags #JohnWantsCharmin and #Sweepstakes and completes the registration at JohnsWantCharmin.com.

Then they'll be entered to win free toilet paper delivered by mail. As for Johns living in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, or Philadelphia, they can follow the same instructions to win their toilet paper on-demand — meaning they'll can get their goods in about two hours — since the city folks get everything... I'm not jealous.

Packages are limited to the first 500 consumers while supplies last, so you'll definitely want to act fast

Romper was lucky enough to chat with Jonathan Van Ness about Charmin's promotion and he totally confirmed it really is his favorite toilet paper brand, so now we know that survey was legitimate.

Van Ness also tells Romper that he had a special connection to one particular variation of his own name: Jack.

"When I was growing up everyone called me Jack, it was my nickname," he says.

He would have been the cutest little Jack too, right?

Romper was also curious about one aspect of the Getting Curious podcast host's bathroom routine — that all important shower or bath question that can be just so divisive.

Van Ness tells Romper that he loves a good shower and a bath, "depending on how much time I have because if I'm just in for a quick rinse a shower does that trick but I love a good bath." Proving once again that he is truly egalitarian about all things bathroom related.

For all more deets on how how Johns can get free Charmin toilet paper, check out the company's Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages.